Formula One Suzuka (Japan) | Review

The race/venue at Suzuka started actually before the event. Hamilton goes to Mercedes AMG Grand Prix. And Perez takes over the seat from Hamilton at McLaren. And then on thursday Schumacher announced he would retire at the end of this year. (Maybe even for good he added). I hope for him he will retire for good. His comeback ruined his reputation, the way I see it.

Then there was qually on saturday. With Button, Schumacher and Hulkenberg receiving a penalty before the qually started. And Vergne afterwards for blocking Senna during Q1. Very good qually for Lotus, Sauber and offcourse Red Bull. Not so good qually for Mercedes and Ferrari however. And Williams had the pace but also the traffic. Actually just like Sahara Force India had.

The race was pretty exciting. Kamui and Sergio made the race unforgettable once more in Japan. Unfortantly the first corner incident took away all the action from the two Sauber men. Button had a great start from 8th. And his team-mate Lewis had also a good start. Grosjean created the incident. Vettel was going strong. But the main hero was Kobayashi for sure. The way he held off Jenson, awesome. Others would make mistakes. And for sure Kamui will make them once in a while. But not this time. The moment it counted the most he kept cool. Well done Kamui ! Massa did also well I must add. From somewhere in 10th place towards 2nd. I hope he stays in Formula 1 for next year.

Then the people who disappointed (more or less): Senna. Altough he couldn't do anything about the bad qually. Kimi, I thought he would make us show once more how he can handle Suzuka. Romain, I know I may be the only one still giving him room to breath. But I saw what he can do in GT1 championship... He just feels to much pressure I think. And there is Maldonado. Okay he got some points again. But that are his first points since his maiden win in Spain at the start of the year. Oh and then there is Sergio, altough he made some good moves during the start of the race he was just to much rushing in the middle of the race. He could have made the podium as well I recon...

5 more races to go. 4 points between Vettel and Alonso, besides them; 2 others who can fight for the championship: Lewis and Kimi !