Formula One Monza (Italy) | Review

The race in Monza is always 2 faced, somehow... Grosjean had a DNS behind his name, D'Ambrosio replaced him for one race. Schumacher could retire so the rumours about Hamilton going to Mercedes were going strong once more. Eric Boullier told RTL7 (dutch TV station) that we have something big to watch out for in the Lotus line-up for 2013. Oh yes this is Monza ! So how is this race-event always 2 faced ? Well the race is more or less not exciting enough, so the talking and action is more or less off track. For Alonso and Senna that was really the case. Vettel pushed Alonso off track in the race. Which he received a penalty for. But Di Resta didn't receive anything for his push towards Senna. Senna tought he should have got a penalty and also some fans (including me) saw it that way.

The race itself, besides these two things, not that interesting. Some great moves here and there, but less then on any other track. Vergne went out at the beginning of the race (lap 2). The excitement came from the mysterious DNF's from Vettel, Hulkenberg, Webber and Button. The thing that was interesting however was: Perez who overtook the Ferrari's on home ground. Senna who scored for Williams (okay 1 point, but that was due to the fact of the incident with Di Resta where he lost much ground). Hulkenberg already having a problem in qually. And the many rumours because the 2nd half of F1 has started...