Formula One Hungaroring (Hungary) | Review

The free-practice and qually from Hungaroring is always fun to watch. The race however can be quite boring. This time out it was a bit of both. The qually was not really suprising, nor was it very boring. Williams on p8 and p9. Lewis for McLaren in front. Ferrari in the middle. Lotus quite in front. And the backmarkers in the back. I would love to see rain once more in Hungary, unfortantly that was not the case.

What we got instead was a race that was 50/50 action-based. And the other 50/50 was made out of boring driving. The start was somehow odd, Michael with a lame excuse so the starting procedure was taking a lap longer. The KERS from Lotus didn't work yet again. Michael's speeding in the pit lane. So we could concentrate on the people in the middle of the pack. That was my intention and that was the intention as well from the commentator but not from the FOM. I would love to have seen Senna in action. But we only got a view shots from him. Too bad. Senna was really performing well. The best qually from 2012, the best result from 2012 as well. Williams is back on track it seems. And with a bit more then 10 races done, it's a good turning point.

Kimi did some great moves. Vettel was frustrated yet again. Just like the big boss from Red Bull was, seriously they need to think before they speak out loud overthere. Maldonado slipped away in the middle of a corner. And HRT didn't make it till the finish with both cars. So McLaren was good, Lotus, Williams, Ferrari. But besides that quite boring race.

Till September we'll have a summer-break. During that month of no racing and such. We will have the rumours of Formula 1. This weekend also started with the conflict between Glock and Pic. Appearently they can't stand each other that much. And Pic seems to have ignored radio contact for the 3rd time already. Petrov is this year still at Caterham, but isn't sure about his place for next year. So his manager is already looking/talking with at least 3 other teams. Kimi is appearently on the short list for Ferrari's 2013 drivers line-up. And was already at some meetings (the papers say). But one thing causing a big no-no in my view: Kimi's rally hobby. Then there is our german model Sutil. His manager said that he was also in talks with Ferrari, but that is utter bullsh**. And then there is the talk about replacing Senna. But I think they could better replace Maldonado. That guy has made one victory, and since then he has gone compleet down the drain. Oh well in September we can race again. Maybe some of the drivers will be already replaced then ;p