Formula One Hockenheim (Germany) | Review

This was a race to remember. And that for a couple of things. First there is the fact that the other German Grand Prix venue: Nurnburgring is out of money. And altough Ecclestone has the idear to take over the track. It's still to see if it will happen. So unfortantly that fast bending track is gone. So the thing we have left in Germany is at Hockenheim. Thankfully it can rain in Hockenheim just as good... So in free practice there was already some rain. And during qually as well. The McLaren's did a good job. And so did Force India. The Saubers where not that good. And Williams was only half lucky. A lot of people had become grid penalty's and Red Bull where on the edge of removal from the race. Because of the engine mapping hole in the regulations. So before the race did start there were already a view things happening that brought the action very nicely.

The race itself was dry. But it turned down for 4 people instantly: Grosjean, Massa, Hamilton and Senna. They had a bad race. And Hamilton didn't even finish the race. The rest of the race was exciting to watch. And that is not always the case on the Tilke track now-a-days (that Hockenheim is, since the early 00's). The IceMan Raikkonnen did some nice moves on the track. Button was close to the top spot of the podium and Vettel as well. Too bad Button didn't win. Sauber fought back brilliantly. 20 points in total in one race. Both drives into the points. Maldonado was having the same race as Senna unfortantly: backwards. Vettel had a bad race basicly. He was not amazed by Hamilton unlapping him self. And called it disrespectful, but actually Vettel was just to slow. And after that the frustration hit. Button had a better pitstop. And in the hairpin in the second to last lap he went outside to overtake button. Not so nice. and Eventually giving him a 20 sec. grid penalty after the race. So instead of ending up 2nd he went down to fifth. Had he wait he would have overtook Button legaly. Which would be a nice overtaking for sure. But Vettel was frustrated.

Overall a good race. Ferrari was on the top of everything once more. Lotus may be so at the Hungaroring next weekend. Who will tell. They have the car now they need the qually and the race pace. Hopefully it will work. Kovalainen has had his first race win there, as did Button in the Honda. So why not Lotus this time. A one-two maybe ? Would be nice.. and then a Sauber on 3rd ? Let's face it that are the cars who can stand the heat in Hungary.