Formula One Silverstone (England) | Review

So this will be a short review this time out. Sorry for that.

Okay the race was not that special, even worse then normally Valencia would be. None the less there were a view overtaking things going on. So still fun enough to watch. Wow, what kind of men is Grosjean. When he is overtaking somebody during qually or the race he is always going on the edge of things. Really entertaining to watch. It's something that is quite remarkable for such a person. We didn't had that for quite a while now. Because Alonso is a tame racing driver at Ferrari (he wasn't that at Renault). So skip the race let's go to the punishment stuff around the british grand prix.

So Kobayashi and Vergne had a penalty from Valencia towards the UK. Solid, and fair. Pic and Hulkenberg changed there gearbox so also a 5 place punishment. (That rule is somehow odd but fair enough none the less). But then the rules that applied to some during the race was not that obviously to be strictly fair. Maldonado was defending his spot against Perez and there is nothing he could do about the fact that the car was slipping away. Are we back at the point that the FIA and FOM etc. are forbidding to race ?! It seems that way. Where were they last year between Hamilton and Massa ? Now we are chewing the fat with the 2nd grade people ? If Maldonado got heavily punished for Valencia, okay. But what did he do wrong here ? I honoustly didn't see the point where he was wrong. If you must consider that the car can slip away you can completely stop with overtaking people. Then Webber should have overtook Alonso at Spa last year. (And that was a venue who was normally the rule breaker, Hamilton - Raikkonnen anyone ?)

They have to get back to the drawing board with the rules I guess. What's the point to give a back-marker a 10 place drop on the next grid ? There is no point ! Just make the rule simple: go to the back of the grid. Everyone can understand that. What is the point in to limiting the ammount of rain tires for a grand prix in the UK and everywhere else ? No point, exactly...! Are we taking away the pure racing in total ? Let's hope Germany will be better and not a german-rule-fest ;)