Formula 1 (2017) | Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg

Qually | Quite interesting qually as there was some rain expected, but never came. (The same during the race, the rain came afterwards). Sauber at the back of the field joined by Williams weird enough. The new aero-pack doesn't seem to help. And that Stroll knew the track was also useless. Joining them was Palmer (again). In Q2 it was Magnussen who was unlucky doing a great job during the session it seemed but the suspension failed on him. Besides him it was (from 11 till 14): Hulkenberg, Alonso, Vandoorne and Kvyat. McLaren seemed to be more lucky with the new spec-engine. While Alonso was already back with spec 2. Q3 then... Sainz jr. on P10, both Force India's just in front of him. Grosjean was quite suprising in his Haas F1 in 7th place. The rest is more or less like the rest of the season. A combination between Mercedes, Ferrari and behind them the Red Bull's. Bottas on pole for the 2nd time this season with a time of 1:04:251. Behind him Vettel and Hamilton.

Penalty's | So Verstappen didn't get a fine for not showing at press-spot in Baku after his early exit. Vettel didn't get an extra penalty after his incident at Baku with Hamilton, so the 10 sec. stop/go was appearently enough. He does need to report himself in the junior-classes as advise-person. But he isn't allowed to do things for RoadSafety. The next time he does a similair offense he will be penalised said Jean Todt (FIA), but the question is if this WILL happen at all. Then for this race Hamilton gets a 5 grid place penalty for changing the gearbox. Something as a result from Baku perhaps.

Race | In the first corner it was hit-and-run again by Kvyat. He appearently lost his brake-reference. Which is odd in my mind, but okay. As a result he colided with Alonso and chained Verstappen to the collision as well. Verstappen had already clutch problems in the warm-up and was now completely out of the race after this hit. Kvyat only got a drive-through for this. The start from Bottas was very quick. As a result Vettel thought he jump-started, and this continued the whole race/finish ceremony. The FIA checked and didn't found him guilty. The rest of the race was quite boring in the mid field there was some 'things' going on. But nothing major. Near the end of the race it became a bit more tense because of tyre-blisters on the Mercedes, Ferrari and RedBull cars. So Vettel came close to Bottas (P2 and P1), and Hamilton came even closer towards Ricciardo (P4 and P3) but couldn't take his spot. Which resulted in a shoe-ie on the podium. Martin Brundle accepting the drink. Sainz and Magnussen didn't reach the finish line in the end.

In the championship Vettel is still in front of Hamilton, but also Bottas is now in the running it seems. Upcoming weekend is the race at Silverstone. After that we'll go to Hungaroring. And then there is 3 weeks of nothing (planned Summer-stop).