Formula 1 (2017) | Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Baku

QUALLY | Palmer couldn't start the race because of a fire onboard of his car in Practice no.3. Ricciardo ended up hitting the wall in Q3. Besides that nothing out of the ordinairy really. McLaren's were out in Q1, as was Ericsson and Grosjean. Q2 saw the end of Wehrlein, well done. And both Toro Rosso's didn't made it into Q3. The last part of Qually saw Williams in the back of the top 10. Force India's in the middle. Mercedes up front and Ferrari behind it. Followed by Max on P5. Lewis did a great pole lap, overtaking his team-mate with -:--:4xx (in lap-time): 01:40:593.

PENALTY'S | Sainz had one for his incident in Canada. And Alonso and Vandoorne for there engine changes.

RACE | In the first lap there was already a lot going on: Sainz was not happy with Kvyat. While he came back on track, after the first corner, Sainz was so suprised by it that he spun. Then there was the issue between Bottas and Raikkonen. The way I see it, it's the same as in Barcelona. Bottas is doing idiotic in the 2nd corner hitting the kerb. and hitting Kimi in the proces. And declares after that he couldn't do anything about it. He should have been punished by now. Kvyat's race ended around lap 10. As for Verstappen his race ended around lap 13, again engine failure. For this there were 2 safety car instances necessary appearently. As Kvyat's car couldn't be easily removed. And the marshalls forgot to pick up the debrie in the first place. After the 1st safety car period which took quite long Hamilton was deciding the pace but Vettel was caught out by it and hit the back of Lewis. He disliked this move that much that he drove along Lewis and hit him from the side. After the second instance they were more carefully but the difuser of Lewis and the front wing of Vettel was already damaged to a certain degree. After this 2nd restart: Ocon and Perez was again a weird incident, as Perez has no room left to go somewhere else. Kimi was a innocent victim in this, as he ran over the debrie. The weird thing being: Ocon didn't get a penalty for it. Perez came in the pit and needed to wait - was almost sure the race was over. Kimi more or less the same. This caused another safety car followed by red flag. The team of Force India and Ferrari did however a stupid thing as they repaired Kimi's and Sergio's car in the garage instead of in the pitlane. After the red flag the field was loose once again. But Lewis had a loose head-rest. He needed to come in for this: safety issue. Ricciardo overtook both Williams drivers and Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg later came in contact with the wall unfortenately. But Vettel was also getting a penalty for hitting lewis: 10 seconds stop and go. Massa dropped out of the field as well, needed to retire because of a faulty damper. Stroll had his first podium in his F1 career and was quite happy. Alonso collected points for McLaren and Wehrlein did a good job as well.

After the race Vettel got 3 points on his license. If he gets 3 more points in Austria he will be suspended for 1 race. Lewis did probably go to slow, but the FIA analysed the data and saw nothing out of the picture. Bottas and Ocon were free to go weird enough. Verstappen got a fine of $25.000 as he went away from the track, before talking to the press. Which is understandably so, as his engine failed again. The Marshall's need a strong word as well, as it was somewhat redicilous how some situations were handled.