Formula 1 (2017) | Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal

QUALLY | Q1 saw most of the same faces, who fail to get to Q2: Wehrlein, Ericsson, Magnussen, Stroll and Vandoorne. Q2 was a bit more interesting already. With Palmer on P15 but still well behind Hulkenberg. Alonso on a nice 12th place. Both Toro Rosso drivers had issues with getting the car to work. Then Q3 (yes I am going quite quick): Some nice moments in there. Mercedes refound his form. Ferrari in the mix behind it. Red Bull getting the connection towards the both teams. Massa did a well job with P7. Force India was also quite impressive with P8 and P9. Hulkenberg on P10 was a bit disapointing. So Hamilton on pole with a time of 1:11:459, with that he achieved his 65th pole (the same amount as Senna reached). And he received the race worn helmet from Senna's Lotus day. He was completely stunned by it.

PENALTY'S | So after the Grand Prix in Monaco, BUtton got a 3-place grid penalty for if he returns on the grid next time (odd punishment but okay). Wehrlein got 5 places penalty for the change towards the gearbox. And ended up starting from the pitlane.

RACE | The race was quite interesting. There was no rain unfortunatly. But in the first lap Sainz Jr. collided with the front of Grosjean and in the melee he hit the back of Massa's car. So both out of the race. Sainz Jr. would get a 3 places penalty for this (for in Baku). Grosjean could continue his journey after a frontwing change. After 10 laps it was the end for Verstappen. His car battery was completely empty. The other two none finishers were Kvyat and again, Alonso. Who decided to go up into the grandstand to throw his gloves towards some fans. The rest of the field was quite boring. But the fight around 4th place was quite interesting with Force India in the mix with Ricciardo. In the ending scenario Vettel took 4th. Lance has his first points with a 9th place. Grosjean took home 1 point. Hamilton won, in front of Bottas and Ricciardo. Ricciardo forced into doing a shoey by the crowd. And Sir Patrick Stewart doing the same, respect !