Formula 1 (2017) | Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo

QUALLY | Monaco saw even more difference in Qually then normal. Because there isn't that much high speed required the cars with grip and good balance rule the track. This was however not the case for: Ocon, Palmer, Stroll, Wehrlein and Ericsson. Ericsson touched the railing at the end of the tunnel near the end of Q1. Ocon had bad luck none the less because in Free Practice 3 he dropped his car in the wall. With 10 minutes to spare, he went out on track. Q2 then: weird enough the McLaren's were both still in the race (even Button who is replacing Alonso for one weekend). Suprises in Q2 ? Well yeah, one big one Hamilton almost lost his car in turn 4 (two times) and didn't get the car in the right angle at all, ending up in P14. And Vandoorne crashed near the swimming pool at the end of Q2 so Lewis couldn't complete his flying lap to make it into Q3. Vandoorne was however already in Q3. Q2 was the final stop for: Massa, Hamilton, Magnussen, Hulkenberg and Kvyat. Q3 then: Both McLaren's in the back but still good. Grosjean behind Perez. Red Bull on P4 and P5, with Verstappen in front. But the top 3 are even better: Raikkonen, Vettel and Bottas. For Kimi it's his first pole since 2008 with a time of 1:12:178. The interviews after Qually they have since Barcelona were really sad, because the mic. was terrible. (For once Kimi had what to say and then this).

PENALTY'S | So Force India adjusted the visible numbers of there Drivers. And so they won't have to pay the 25.000,00. Besides that Button may have done well in Qually but there was a change in one of the hybrid units and so he will be pushed back. Honda even expects the need to change this units every 2nd race from now onwards. Hopefully they can have an updated power unit for the 2nd half of the season. Vandoorne has a three place grid penalty because of his incident with Massa during the last Grand Prix.

RACE | The race was for the most part not that interesting. The interesting bit came when a few stopped early in the race (lap 4-ish). Hulkenberg was the first to leave the scene with his gearbox shredding to pieces. After that it was Button who colided with Wehrlein in the corner before the tunnel. Which put Wehrlein's car on the side and Button's front suspension in pieces. The Safety Car came on track and when the lapped cars were allowed to overtake it was Ericsson who touched the barriers in the 1st corner. Three laps later it was Vandoorne who did the same in the same corner while defending his spot (as only difference in the accident). Kvyat and Stroll also needed to retire, but were listed as finished (with 7 laps difference). So 13 cars made the finish line at the end. Both Haas cars finished inside the points. Massa made a remarkable comeback towards 9th. Hamilton did okay, and could lighten the damage by ending up in 7th. Sainz and Verstappen ended up around the same spot as they started. Bottas lost quite quick in the race his place. Ricciardo in the end on P3. Raikkonen on P2 and Vettel won the race.

Infront of the race Alonso wished Button well over the Radio and after the race the podium ceremonie was more or less different because a new podium in Monaco. The interviews after the race was in hands of Nico Rosberg (retired champion). The championship till so far (drivers only): Vettel 129 / Hamilton 104 / Bottas 75 / Raikkonen 67 / Ricciardo 52 / Verstappen 45 / Perez 34 / Sainz Jr. 25 / Massa 20 / Ocon 19 / Hulkenberg 14 / Grosjean 9 / Magnussen 5 / Wehrlein 4 / Kvyat 4 / Palmer 0 / Stroll 0 / Ericsson 0 / Alonso 0 / Giovinazzi 0 (3rd driver) / Vandoorne 0 and Button 0 (3rd driver).