Formula 1 (2017) | Russian Grand Prix, Sochi

QUALLY | Q1 saw nothing strange. Both Saubers out, Wehrlein just in front of Ericsson. Palmer, Vandoorne and Grosjean out as well. Q2 saw Alonso, Magnussen, both Toro Rosso drivers and Stroll out of Qually. Q3 saw a suprise in the shape of Ferrari (being 1st and 2nd). Behind them both Mercedes drivers. Verstappen only 7th. Both Force India drivers completed the top 10.

PENALTY'S | Sainz got a penalty for his collision with Stroll (in Bahrain). And Vandoorne got one from changing the engine/electric engine (15 places).

RACE | The race it self quite boring, while normally there happens quite much. Only the first two laps did something (most of it at the start). And the last couple of laps saw Vettel getting close to Bottas. Alonso, Grosjean, Palmer and Ricciardo out of the race (only 4 drivers indeed). Vandoorne finished the race for a change. Toro Rosso at the back. With Sainz getting the last point in the top 10. Force India on 6 and 7, a very good result for them. Ferrari on 2 and 3, just in front of Hamilton. The winner of the race ?! Bottas ! After 81 grand prix starts he finally won his first race. Hopefully it won't end for him the same way as it did for Kovalainen a couple of years ago (being his only victory).

One news that made the race weekend quite interesting: Sauber will be supplied with Honda engines in 2018. So will Honda then have two teams. Or will McLaren return towards Mercedes ?