Formula 1 (2017) | Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir

QUALLY | Bahrain saw the return of Wehrlein. In which he made quite clear that he was back, P13 for him during Q2. But first Q1: three suprises in that session. Magnussen (20), Perez (18) and Sainz (16). Q2 then, as said Wehrlein on P13. Ocon on P14, so Force India was not doing well in Bahrain. Q3 came and saw quite a nice suprise. Palmer on P10, Grosjean on P9 (where in China he was at the back). Hamilton on P2 (1:28:792). And without a doubt the biggest suprise Bottas on P1 with an 1:28:769.

PENALTY'S | No penalty's in Bahrain after practice or qually. However after the race there would be at least one. But that will be described in the Review of Russia.

RACE | Normally Bahrain is quite interesting. Not this time around tough. In my view they should make at least one change: make the track longer again (they had it once) and it gave the track more corners/more excitement for once. (The addition between turn 4 and 5, which would make it 9 corners bigger). Eitherway the race: Vandoorne out again. Around lap 45 four drivers went off the track: Magnussen, Verstappen, Ericsson, Sainz and Stroll (the last two were in collision with each other). Alonso could finish the race, dead last. Wehrlein couldn't do much after his well done Qually: P11. Massa had luck with Verstappen out of the race, ending up in P6. But the most suprising was the victory from Vettel. Hamilton and Bottas completed the podium.

In two weeks time we will be at the olympic grounds in Russia: Sochi. Were last year Kvyat had the last race for Red Bull Racing.