Formula 1 (2017) | Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai

QUALLY | So Wehrlein is still out of shape, that means Giovinazzi still in the car at Sauber. The Q1 session was quite straight forward. Vandoorne, Grosjean, Palmer and Ocon out. Suprise of the session: Verstappen ! With quite an issue with his car. Grosjean can be seen as a suprise as well. Q2 then: Both Saubers in Q2 which is quite a suprise. But at the end of Q1 Giovinazzi spun his car coming onto the straight. Alonso on P13 is quite nice. Magnussen showed that P12 can be done in the Haas. Then the last part of qually, Q3... Both Williams drivers in Q3, but Stroll can't manage the speed just yet, and ended up in P10. While Massa ended up on P6. Hulkenberg showed that P7 was possible in the Renault. Ferrari and Mercedes mixed up the top 4 ! With Hamilton on pole by 0.2 seconds from Vettel with a time of 1:31:678

PENALTY'S | Grosjean and Palmer didn't slow down enough during the yellow flag during Q1. So they went back five places. Giovinazzi was also put back a couple of places. Because they needed to change his gearbox.

RACE | The race it self. Normally Shanghai is quite boring. But this time the race-weekend is a bit more exciting. More or less because of the rain that was falling down just before the race. Stroll was unluckely gotten knocked out of the race. Giovinazzi spun again after changing towards a different tire-compound. Vandoorne couldn't finish the race either. Kvyat and Alonso were also out of the race around 50% of race-distance. Any suprises ? Well Massa couldn't keep up with the pace and ended up in P14. Hulkenberg had a bad race as well (12). Grosjean and Magnussen on 11 and 8. Bottas with quite a bad race (6). But the most remarkable thing, that made it exciting: Verstappen from P16 towards 3rd place !

The next race is already next weekend: Bahrain.