Formula 1 (2017) | Hungarian Grand Prix, Budapest

QUALLY | The qually had some interesting thing going on at Williams. Because Massa was to sick to continue the race weekend during FP3. So Di Resta took his seat for the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately he only came to P19, but his team mate only made it towards P17 So not that much to be a-shamed of. Magnussen on P16 and Grosjean on P15. Force India stranded in Q2 as well. As did the Toro Rosso from Kvyat. Palmer was doomed to his P11 again. Q3 then: Sainz suprisingly only 10th. The McLaren's in front of him. A very nice thing from them on quite a twisty track. In front of them Hulkenberg. The first six places went to three teams: Ferrari (1 and 2), Mercedes (3 and 4) and Red Bull (5 and 6). Vettel set the quickest time of 01:16:276.

PENALTY'S | Kvyat got a penalty for holding up Stroll during Qually. Something that wasn't seen everywhere. He even got a penalty-point for it... Then Hulkenberg had a gearbox replacement so that were 5 places for him. In the race it would become an odd thing with penalty's and such. But that is for the 'race-piece'.

Race | The race was quite interesting for the first few laps. After that it was quite boring. The main thing is the difference in penalty's ! Bottas forced Verstappen outside in the first corner. Verstappen only slightly hit Ricciardo, but the latter was damaged to much / on the cooling system and so was the first to drop out. Later it was Grosjean and Hulkenberg and Hulkenberg and Magnussen (got 2 penalty points for it in the end) who were in battle. Sainz and Alonso were also fighting along side. But only Verstappen got a penalty and also some penalty points. After 20 laps or so it was Grosjeans pit-stop that caused for another penalty: the wheel that wasn't attached properly caused a non-finish for Grosjean. Only 17 people finished. With Renault outside of the points. Sauber in the back of the field. McLaren thankfully on P10 and P6 (!) in the end. Force India kept driving and made it to 9th and 8th. Verstappen did made it to P5. But Vettel won in front of Raikkonen and Bottas.
Just like before it is more or less obvious that there is a difference in Penalty's. In one race it is allowed in the first lap because it's hectic. And in another race it is in these conditions and then suddenly there are penalty's. So what's the issue/factor to decide for a penalty or not ?

After the race there was an in-season testing at the track. With alot of young drivers on track. But also the official track return for Kubica, driving for Renault. He did an amazing two race-distances. Many people say he won't be on the grid in 2018. Some say he will be. Yes or no at Renault next year ? Personally I would see him sooner besides Stroll in a Williams. With Massa as a reserve driver perhaps.
In the last weekend of August we will be back in Spa (Belgium) to continue this championship. The penalty points till so far are: 10 for Kvyat, 7 for Magnussen and Vettel. 5 for Vandoorne, Perez, Plamer and Sainz junior. Besides that Perez has two reprimands (3 allowed). 4 for Hulkenberg and Ocon. Grosjean and Verstappen on 3. 2 for Massa, Hamilton, Wehrlein and Button.