Formula 1 (2017) | British Grand Prix, Silverstone

Qually | It was some drizzle. But didn't looked to be much. But when the session started some went out on super-soft. And others went out on intermediate. Intermediate was the best option. As many found out the hard way. So a lot of drivers went back in to change tires. So a lot of out- and in laps. After two of them, for most of the drivers it was code red, caused by Ricciardo. He is already in pain as you can read in the next segment. After that more out- and in laps. And change of tires again. Some drivers were coming out quite late. So as a result the drivers already out were having an advantage. One of them being Ocon who went on the super-soft again near the end. The other being Alonso. At the last possible moment he changed to super-soft, went out. And was just in time across the finish/start line. To start his one and only fully timed lap. It was enough to be P1 at the end of Q1 ! Q2 and Q3 was less interesting. In Q2 everyone was on super-soft or soft. As a result Massa, Sainz, Alonso, Kvyat and Palmer were out of Qually. (Stroll was already out in Q1, as was Magnussen). Q3 then: Grosjean felt he was helled up by Hamilton, but the FIA saw it otherwise. Vandoorne on P9, very good result. Ocon and his team mate Perez in front of him. In front of Perez it was his former team mate Hulkenberg on P6. Verstappen did make it to Q3 and starts from fifth. Then it came down to Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen and Hamilton on P1 with a time of 1:26:600.

Penalty's | Before the weekend it was already known that Alonso would face a penalty for changing engine components. This became more and more however as he is now fully on the spec 3 engine that Vandoorne already used in Austria. The penalty-total came to 30 places. Odd and unfair as far as I can tell. It's Honda's fault, fine them ! Then Bottas, 5 places penalty for changing the gearbox, just like Hamilton at Austria. On Saturday it was known that Ricciardo was also placing 5 places penalty. It becomse a default thing this year (more then other years), penalty's during the weekend.

Race | Already in the formation lap it was Palmer who was OUT of the race, hydrolic problems. So an extra formation lap which resulted in a lot of high temp. brakes. Those of Vettel were almost on fire. As a result Verstappen already did a move in the first couple of corners. A couple of corners further it was Kvyat and Sainz who collided with each other. Sainz was very sarcastic in his team-radio. Kvyat could continue but head floor-issues. And got a drive-through later. (This time that is a satisfying penalty, in Austia it was different). A couple of corners later it was Ericsson and Wehrlein colliding with each other -almost. With both teams, both drivers were complaining about the team mate. In case of Sauber, Ericsson was the one who didn't leave any space for Wehrlein. On the radio he declared otherwise. The rest of the race was exciting enough but not spectaculair. A couple of laps later Vettel and verstappen battled for P3 again. First Vettel pushed Verstappen and a corner or so later he got the same temprament back from Verstappen. Pit stops followed. Alonso was the driver who lossed power again. Near the end it was quite interesting with the tires. Raikkonen was the first to struggle with them, Vettel was the second one. Verstappen was called in as a procotion. While he thought he could finish, but could he ? As a result the podium was as followed: Hamilton, Bottas (from P9) and Raikkonen. Verstappen only 4th. Vettel did finish, but in 7th position.

After the race it was Kvyat who got an extra penalty: 3 points on his license for the collision between him and Sainz. The drive through during the race was for rejoining the track unsafely. In two weeks time Hungary, after that 3 weeks of nothing. Rumours are building up Sainz leaving Toro Rosso or not ? Kubica coming back towards Renault or not ? (He only tested with the 2012 car till now). Palmer and Raikkonen leaving F1 after this year ? Alonso will continue to race for McLaren or not ?