Formula 1 (2017) | Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne

So the Review of the Race will be different then before. I will give an overview about the 'Qually', without going to much into detail. And will only higlight the remarkable stuff. Penalty's if applied I will sum-up as well. And afterwards the same with the Race it self.

QUALLY | So first the thing with Wehrlein, he did the 2nd testing in Spain before this weekend. And did the two practice sessions on Friday. But between FP2 and FP3 he thought I am not as fit as I want. So reserve driver from Ferrari; Giovinazzi (2nd in GP2 last year) was the one who replaces him during the remaining of the weekend. Very happy with this opportunity o'course, and an Italian ! The rest of the 'Qually' then... Quite some suprises here, the less experienced drivers lost it from the 'older' drivers. For example: Palmer (20) and his team mate Hulkenberg (12). The rookie Stroll at 19th. Giovinazzi just behind Ericsson (16 and 15). Real suprises ? Alonso (13), Massa (7), Grosjean (6) and Vettel (2). Hamilton on Pole, no real suprise there, with a time of 1:22:188

PENALTY'S | Stroll had a small crash in practice, as a result gearbox change for him > 5 places penalty. The same for Ricciardo, as he crashed out of Q3 while pushing a bit too much. His weekend by the way would only get worse during Race-day.

RACE | So Ricciardo; stranded during the outlap towards the grid. But odd enough he was towed towards the pit in time, so his crew could fix it. Okay 2 laps behind on the field (once on there way). And unlucky for him, he didn't finish the race. The rest of the field then, Ocon was to much forward on the grid (with Ricciardo not at his spot). And so an extra formation-lap. After that everyone was underway, without too much hassle. Hamilton a good start, Vettel behind him, Verstappen almost overtaking Raikkonen at the first corner. In the 2nd 'real' corner a small collision between Magnussen and Ericsson, the incident was 'noted' (quite a change for 2017) and later investigated/no punishment came out of it tough. Both did not finish in the end by the way. After the first series of pit-stops not that much changed. However Vettel in front, Hamilton behind him (on TV we saw footage from Toto who was not happy at all) a bad strategy there it seems. Behind them not that much suprising: Perez (7), Ocon (10), Giovinazzi (12) and Vandoorne (13). The DNF's from this race: Alonso, Magnussen, Stroll, Ricciardo, Ericsson, Palmer and Grosjean. So Haas without a finish-position. Fastest lap of the race went to Raikkonen with an 1:26:538 on lap 56.

The next race will be in the weekend of the 9th of April (2 weeks) in China on the Shanghai International Circuit. I will talk about the championship standing(s) after the race in China and/or Bahrain !