Formula One | Summary

So the last race that I did a Review for was the one in Bahrain. After that came Spain, which wasn't that interesting at all. Monaco, which saw Max Verstappen getting the blame for a collission Grosjean caused (basicly). And Canada which saw Hamilton on the top step again after Rosberg had won Monaco. So upcoming weekend we have Austria. After that we still have 11 races to go. But I just wanted to give you this summary because after this I will stop doing the Review from race to race. (Or they should be really interesting, which I don't see happening). Maybe the final race will be a review. And offcourse I will keep uploading the year-clip. But no reviews anymore...

So besides that there has been the GPDA questions. I was to late with answering them. But appearently it has already deliverd something. (Or pure luck). From 2017 onwards the Italian Grand Prix will be held on Imola once more. The talks have started and would be nice.

Next year we will have Haas F1 but the FIA is also looking for another team. But shouldn't they first make F1 more about the fans, and making the F1 healthy again (financial) ? Before doing this kind of things ? And there are talks about Pakistan, as a race-location. People come on, you have better tracks then that. And also worse-tracks then that. You should re-focus for 200% !

Last but not least the new McLaren that is there since Spain has become better. And with every race they improve. Which can't be said for Renault, and there engine. Appearently Renault want a factory team again. And they could buy in to Red Bull or Toro Rosso. But why bother, when you can't make an engine. Audi/VW and Renault has said they want to return to F1 but only when Ecclestone is gone. But Audi said afterwards they won't do F1 at all. So why all these games ?

Oh well F1 is an odd game...