Formula One | 2015, Race 2 - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

QUALLY: On Saturday we saw some remarkable stuff... Offcourse Alonso and Bottas were back on track for there teams. Manor Marussia was finally able to drive. But Stevens had problems with the fuel system. Merhi on the other hand could drive. Both outside the 107% rule (which is still in place) but allowed to start. McLaren had made a small step forward but still on the back, in front of Manor Marussia. Nasr who did well in Australia was now nowhere to be found on P16. The same goes for Carlos Sainz, who was in traffic most of the time. On P15 he starts. In front of him both Force India's. And then the Lotus of Maldonado and the Ferrari from Raikkonen. The last one was also in a few problems. Kimi was quick on thursday and friday, and even in Q1. But Q2 was exit for him, when he was in a battle on track between him, Hamilton and a back-marker. At the end of Q2 the rain came. Which didn't stop, only got less. So Q3 was pushed back a couple of minutes. When we did start it was time for the 10 remaining drivers to do something on wet/intermediate tires. With Ericsson on a solid 10th. Bottas and Massa seperated by Grosjean in front of him. Verstappen on a solid 6th place. (With that he beets the record from his father, best qually). Both Red Bull's in front of him. Hamilton on P1, Vettel on P2 and Rosberg on P3. Grosjean did get a penalty for wrong aligning in the pit during Q1. So he starts from 10th instead of 8th.

RACE: The race in Malaysia is always a bit 50/50. It's exciting but also boring. We saw some nice battles between Verstappen, Ricciardo, Kvyat and Perez. And also some odd-moves from Rosberg, Vettel, Raikkonen and Bottas. Ericsson was the first to drop out. With a bad move in the first corner. In the start of the race. Alonso was the next to drop out. His car gave up on him, but he could bring it back to the pits. Till that point he had a solid pace and in the run to come towards P10. Meanwhile Raikkonen had a flat tire. Just like Maldonado had. Button was the next to drop out, also the car that gave up on him. And also able to put it in the pits. Meanwhile we saw a weird move by Grosjean on Perez. Perez got a penalty for it, but in my view it was Grosjean who was a bit too anxious to get that position back (and went for a gap that disappeard). We also saw a couple of moves between Sainz and Verstappen. Toro Rosso really has 2 drivers this year who can reach great heights. Maldonado needed to stop his race with just 9 more laps to go... Vettel was soon the man on 1st place. With Hamilton still in pursuit, but he couldn't make it. Rosberg was in the pursuit of Hamilton, but he failed as well. Behind them Raikkonen, Bottas, Massa and Verstappen on the 7th spot. Sainz, Kvyat and Ricciardo concluded the first 10 places. Merhi finished his first race, which is good for him and for the team. So that's the first win for Vettel with Ferrari. And that in his 2nd race for the team. Alonso hits himself for it ? Or does he know something we/Vettel don't ?

AFTER THE RACE: Renault think about leaving F1 for good (also as engine supplier). Or they will take over Toro Rosso, and make that there factory team. Quiet weird if you think about it. Minardi turning into Renault F1 ;) While Renault doesn't seem to work for Red Bull there sister-team has no troubles with it. Earlier rumours that Force India or Lotus would become Renault F1 were knocked down because of there terms of agreement with Mercedes. Franz Tost meanwhile would like to see Toro Rosso converted into Renault F1. The color scheme ? Yellow with black. Like Renault did in the 70's / 80's. And even the last 1 or 2 years in there last attempt were in Yellow with Black. Van Der Garde has settled with Sauber. Sauber has paid him 15 million to disappear. It is bound to believe that he will now concentrate on DTM or GT, or even Le Mans. With a dutch team in Le Mans in 2016 it would be possible. Sutil meanwhile got a job at Williams. Williams were rumbled by the comments they didn't really had a 3rd driver. So now they contracted Sutil for it. With that the number 99 is still in F1.