Formula One | 2015, Race 3 - China, Shanghai

QUALLY: So qually was quite default (for this year)... But both Manor's were in Q1. As were the McLaren's. Toro Rosso and Force India had troubles and ended up in Q1/Q2. As was the car from Kvyat, P12. Sauber did good with 9th and 10th. Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams were on top of them. With Hamilton on pole for the 3rd time. The Ferrari from Vettel did good for the 2nd time in a row. Managing P3 in Q3. Just behind both Mercedes drivers.

RACE: The race saw quite some overtaking. Even Verstappen jr. was all over the placem which was good to see. Unfortantly he dropped out a couple of rounds before the end. When he was inside the top 10. Causing a SC in the trouble he had. Leaving the car on the straight. Hulkenberg, Kvyat and Maldonado were the other drop-outs this race. For Kvyat it's his 3rd motor already that went down the drain. And so it seems that not only Red Bull has troubles with the engine. But with Verstappen failing to finish it's even Toro Rosso who has troubles. Were they previous seemed quite untouchable. It seems however that Toro Rosso's car is failing just before the end of the race. Both Manor drivers were able to finish. And so the Ferrari engine is doing good, with the software they were able to get. Button did a solid thing: 14th, and Alonso did even do a 12th spot. Which is still not that good, but they are getting somewhere. Sauber couldn't really improve there places. And the finishing stages were for: Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams.

OTHER: So it seems that Rosberg is not that happy with Hamilton. And that is already quite early for this year. Hamilton does react quite solid: if you could have past me, you should have done it ! Meanwhile Red Bull is still waving around - under table - the surrender flag. But don't make the words stick. Renault is meanwhile to believed to buy an interest into Toro Rosso. Which Helmut Marko approves. Which I find odd because the engine is terrible at the moment. And it can't be all due to the car ! But maybe Marko just wants Toro Rosso not to be the black sheep because of Renault.