Formula One | 2015, Race 4 - Bahrain, Sakhir

QUALLY: So Button couldn't do a qually run at all. And later on we saw him and Ron laughing about it. What do they know, that we don't ? Manor was still in the back, but doing good, only 3 sec. behind Kvyat. Verstappen had problems with the car and so he ended up in 15th. Alonso looked on a solid way but ended up just in front of him. Sauber were just outside the top 10. Force India however were in (at least with Hulkenberg). And Williams, Mercedes and Ferrari were on top once more. It's nice to see that besides the two main trophy winners from last year: Willams and Mercedes, there is now also Ferrari in the mix. With already one victory !

RACE: Were China is normally boring it was now the deal for Bahrain. Were it was last year exciting it now failed on all ends. The cosmatic sparking from the cars don't even live up to the expectations. Button coulnd't even start. The team weren't able to fix the problem (one they managed but the second was to worse it seems). Ricciardo's car was blowing smoke at the end of the race. Both Toro Rosso's were out in the middle of the race. Both Saubers were once more not really able to shine. Were they were in Australia... Williams was also on a down-mood. Massa not further then 10th. Bottas however on 4th. Will Spain be another 'high' for the team ? Ricciardo did make it to the results tough (btw). Rosberg had a big mistake in the end. Were his brakes were failing he even made it worse, with Kimi taking advantage from it. And finishing 3rd. Vettel was less succesfull for once, and ended up in 5th. Grosjean did a pretty solid 7th ! Besides that I didn't get much from it. Because it was such a sleep-full event. So I had to force me awake...

OTHER: So Bernie Ecclestone described on the BBC that when Audi and Renault want to buy them self into F1 and Bernie is the one they want to see gone, it should be like that... And that he will leave for the sake of it. Big speech, little meaning ? Well who knows. The media find it hard to believe, and so do I. Bernie worked hard for it. And while he does say stuff from time to time which are stupid or odd, he does want F1 to be good. He is not crazy ! But as a national carsport magazine says: don't expect the brand Audi in F1. Expect Bentley or VW instead (more likely). Which I would find nice. A green with blue car ? Or a solid UK Green color ? Meanwhile many voices are surfacing who dislike the modern circuits more and more. Because Bahrain was already one bucket of sand. And now it looks more and more like a deserted wallmart field during closing hours. Or something like an airport parking were every car has disappeared. We want to circuits back with passion. Now I slightly disagree. Singapore is great. It does has vibe. But the way they are changing the Mexican track is a bit too radical. Malaysia should be a night race. That would be great. Altough the rain is now already ruining the race from time to time. So maybe we should keep it with one night race. Maybe Hockenheim should do a night race so they can attract other people. Or the Nurnburgring ?! Oh well what ever happend to Imola ? It changed for what ? Not the F1, that's for sure... It should rain in bahRAIN ;)