Formula One | 2015, Race 1 - Australia, Melbourne

PRE-SEASON: So before the race in Australia the regular testing was done. Toro Rosso, Mercedes and Ferrari did good ! Force India was a bit late on testing. As was Marussia (now known as Manor Marussia), as they are taken over on a late moment. McLaren Honda had a bad winter-break. The new source of power had some troubles. And Alonso even crashed during the last test in Barcelona. So that he will be replaced in Australia by Magnussen. The grid knows a couple of new race-drivers: Felipe Nasr, former Williams 3rd driver. Carlos Sainz Jr., former World Series by Renault driver and son of the Rally champion Carlos Sainz. Max Verstappen, son of Jos Verstappen and quiet talented in Karts and F3. He his the youngest driver ever. (And will stay the youngest driver ever on the F1 grid). Roberto Merhi, only a view races for Manor Marussia for now, but maybe more... Then there was a court-order by Giedo v.d. Garde (former Sauber test driver and Caterham race driver). Who succesfully took Sauber to the judge. They are now in talks to find a solution for the fact that Sauber didn't gave him the seat he payed for already !

QUALLY: So Manor didn't make it to qually. They were on the circuit. Trying to get the cars finished in time, but they never could. McLaren landed on the back of the grid. Ericsson was terrible in his Sauber ended on P16. Both Force India's were solid in the back. Kvyat had terrible luck in his debute for Red Bull, only P13. Verstappen did well in his first race weekend qually, P12. Nasr did well for Sauber, not only a pay-driver but also good on the gas. On P11. Lotus in the back of the top 10. Followed by Sainz Jr. on P8 ! Bottas had back problems and ended on P6. Both Ferrari's in the middle of the top 10, real solid drive from them. Massa on P3, Rosberg on P2 and Hamilton on P1 !

RACE: On the way to the grid the cars from Kvyat and and Magnussen stopped. Bottas didn't start because of the back injury that occured during qually. The first corner let us saw Nasr touching Kimi causing a chain collision with Sainz and Maldonado. Maldonado was done after the incident and crashed in that first corner. Grosjean gave up soon after that with a car that didn't go any further. The rest of the race went pretty smooth and saw some great driving between Button and Perez. Hulkenberg and Vettel had a great pace in there cars. Ferrari really did a great job. But with Kimi they had a bad pit stop and so the left back wheel was not fitted properly so Kimi had to exit the race on a nearly-end. Verstappen did also damn well. But his car gave up as well. Too shame because otherwise he would end up on 6th position, and that on a debute is good (to say the least). Hamilton didn't gave away his pole position, and so he won the race for himself and Mercedes.

AFTER THE RACE: The rumour goes that Renault wants to get back in F1 and want to take over an excisting team for that. It is to be believed that Toro Rosso will 'die' for it. Red Bull on the other hand has made clear that they are forced to leave the F1 if Renault and the FIA doesn't make a certain change quickly. Which is kind off weird. Red Bull were very succesfull and now that another team is winning they are always coming up with this kind of stuff. They already did so halfway last year. And they still drive with Renault this year. It is also rumoured that a part of the management from v.d. Garde takes a place in Sauber as part of the deal. But it's not confirmed nor denied. Meanwhile Susie Wolff will not replace Bottas, if there is a replacement necessary. Williams is counting on Bottas return in Malaysia, but if he doesn't make it Susie will not be in question becuase she is the test-driver. (Developement driver last year). The present developement driver Alex Lynn is out of the question as well because he didn't had time in this years car. Pascal Wehrlein who drove for Mercedes and Force India during testing, is bound to believe to take over if needed. Pascal is this years Mercedes test driver ! There won't be a German race-weekend by the way. Both circuits: Hockenheim and Nurnberg don't have the resources for it. And Ecclestone don't want to help them out, like he did before.