Formula One | United States, Austin

OTHER: So leading up to this Grand Prix weekend there was already something going on with Caterham. That we knew, it was always denied there was a money issue tough. Now there was also a money issue with Marussia. And that while they grabbed a point. There was a new invester, but the team didn't grab that opportunity appearently. Now it was too late. And Bianchi is meanwhile still fighting for his life after the incident at Japan. For Marussia it seems good tough. They can be back in Abu Dhabi. Caterham on the other hand was appearently able to go to the USA but then it would be an empty dollar-jar. It seems that Ecclestone is at least aware of the problem. And he is also blaming himself for once. Before he would make it happen. So the smaller teams could survive. But it has become a power-of-the-great game I think... Force India, Sauber and Lotus are the next teams if there isn't done something quick. Ecclestone already said it maybe next year there is only 14 cars on the grid. Well I hope that won't happen. It is already discussed, with the same power-tank that each team is then allowed to run 3 cars. With at least one rookie driving one of the 3 cars. And maybe even a spare car. Ericsson and Kobayashi are the 2 without a job for sure. Ericsson is one of the two who doesn't have a problem with it appearently. Sauber confirmed him straight away for 2015. It seems money is a big issue. There is good chance that Van der Garde will join him. Or Guetirrez / Sirotkin. Personally I think it means the end for Sutil. But with that out of the way let's go on with the qually...

QUALLY: So 18 cars on the grid. So the qually system needed an adjustment. First two parts will see 4 cars fall off. And the last part contains 10 cars again... The drivers without luck: Vettel on P17 but stuck with a penalty. At first for a new, 6th engine but later for a complete engine / unit rebuild. So towards the pitlane for Sunday. Button for changing his Gearbox. And Kvyat for his 7th engine of the season. Any other suprises ? Force India not making Q3 is a start. Maldonado in front of Grosjean by a mile. He on 11th, and Grosjean on 18th. The biggest suprise... Sutil on P10 for Sauber. Is that because of the skinned down qually ? Who knows, it must have something to do with skill as well. McLaren on 7th and 8th is good as well. And Rosberg on pole, ahead of Hamilton, Bottas and Massa.

RACE: In front of the race there was a rumour Force India would boycot the race for cost-reduction and enter the pits again after one lap. Appearently that was only a rumour or they decided otherwise. I honoustly can't make any sense of it. In the first lap however there was already a collision between Perez and Sutil. Perez just went for a gap that didn't exist ! So safetycar on track. And they could immidately pick up the leader, because it was on the end of the lap. Rest of the race was quite easy going... Until halftway, when a lot of moment was going on between drivers. Pit stops didn't cause it tough. Button, Grosjean, Vergne, Vettel, Alonso, Maldonado and Hamilton were the drivers in a fight. And sometimes that went hard against hard. Hamilton forced it next to Rosberg. Rosberg may not have approved it, but it was a great move ! Vergne tried the same with Grosjean in the first corner but failed in a way he may get a penalty. Meanwhile Vettel was complaining about loss of time / weekend. But managed a top 10 finish. And that from place 18 is still a good thing. Hulkenberg went out, no drive left in his car appearently. Button had to give up the battle. Poor tire/stop choices from the team. He told him, but they didn't listen. ("I told you so" line is in place Button !) Maldonado with a great move at the end. Also a move that went wrong a couple of times... Results: Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo.

OTHER: Perez gets a 7 place penalty for the next race in Brazil. And Vergne indeed get a penalty for the incident with Grosjean. He loses his 9th place. Next weekend it's Brazil. Hopefully Massa can do some nice things again. Would be nice. And can Hamilton extend his lead in the championship ? He needs it to maintain ahead and extend his current lead of 24 points. Because Abu Dhabi is worth double points.