Formula One | Spain, Catalunya

So Spain is, like always, the first race in Europe (on the calendar). This means for the teams and drivers the first huge updates. And this track is most of the time a pretty good measurement for how well the teams are doing. But Van der Garde had back luck in training (reserve driver for Sauber), as his brakes were failing. Simona de Silvestro tested earlier in the week with a 2 year old Sauber. Both drivers want to race next year. For Simona it would be a real good thing. Cause then she would be the first women in F1 since Katherine Legge did a test for Minardi in early 2000's. She did good in Indy Racing League so she is formilliar with one-seaters. Vergne received a 10 place grid- penalty on friday for loosing his tyre. The team received an additional 30.000 euro's fine.

QUALLY: Maldonado had an early big shunt into the wall coming out of the first big bend after the 2nd corner / in the 2nd corner. This meant Q1 over and out for him. Sutil was once again the Sauber to fall of. I guess that Sutil isn't to keen on the weight distriubution. The new Sauber is 15kg lighter, but still too heavy it seems for Adrian. In this way it won't take long untill he is replaced (I recon). Vergne didn't came far in Q2, only P16. Magnussen did a P15. Force India were only short by half a second. So P11 and 12 for them in Q2. Q1 then, surprises ? Well Vettel on P10, his new chasis didn't help much this weekend. As he failed to quallify properly. Massa had a bad qually, only 9th. Both Ferrari's just outside the top 5. Lotus in the shape of Grosjean with a brilliant P5. Bottas well done in 4th. And Hamilton on pole yet again.

RACE: Vettel had a gearbox change, so 5 places back in front of the race. The race it self, quiet boring actually. Some overtakings by Williams, Ferrari, Red Bull and Force India. But besides that nothing much. Quiet weird for a track like this. Only 2 drop outs. Any surprises in here ? Well Massa had a bad start and dropped back even further in P13. McLaren had a bad race yet again, just outside the top 10. Force India did well, damage reduction, with a P9 and P10. Grosjean kept steady in the first lap 'mayhem', on P8. Raikkonen just behind Alonso, Alonso passed him in the final stages of the race. Vettel passed several drivers in the last stage as well. Unfortantly also Bottas, who had a good run, almost trough to the podium. Hamilton wins, Rosberg came short on laps and so on 2nd. And Ricciardo his first 'legal' podium.

OTHER: Then some other points of interest; Mr. Haas will come in 2015 towards the grid but it became unsure this week if it will be with his own team. Or that he will buy another team. The first idear was based in USA, Dallara chassis and customer parts. But the first idear bounced of, and he will base himself in the UK. There are rumours he will take over Lotus, which had pay-problems last year in the direction of Raikkonen. But I have another idear/team for him. (If buying another team is his target). Caterham doesn't do well, they are behind Marussia at this point. And Tony (team owner) already said before the start of this year, that he will pull out if the results stay out. Then McLaren, they will test in the coming weeks with Honda, in preparation to next year. And there is a test on the track of Catalunya this upcoming week... In that test 2 dutch-men. Van der Garde and Frijns. And last but not least a dutch female driver has debuted this weekend in the support races of F1, in the GP3. She went from P24 on the grid towards a finish on P19 and P15 (2 races in GP3 is normal). She does damn well, if I may say so: Beitske Visser. (She does WSR 3.5 on regular basis this year).