Formula One | Monaco, Monte Carlo

Monaco, normally the venue for a great race. This time it was more or less exciting at the front and in the middle. The rest was easy going. Couple of people went out of the race, most of the time on there own wrong doing.

QUALLY: This was the most exciting part of the weekend, by far. A lot of drivers out of place during the Saturday. Sauber for instance, both drivers out in Q1. Then the weird collision between Massa and Ericsson. Ericsson did get room from Massa, but miss-used it. Or didn't see it the way it was intended. And so knocked him and Massa out of qually. Ericsson because of this on P22, and later after the race, penalty for the collision. Which put him in the pit lane. To start the race from there. Massa then couldn't do more. Because it's Monaco the car doesn't come back easy to the garage. So Game-Over for him on that point. Maldonado with his best qually result for this year in the Lotus. Button on P12 again, just behind Hulkenberg. The biggest suprise was Q3. Kvyat on P9 and Vergne just 2 places in front of him on P7. Perez just in front of his team mate in P10. Magnussen did good, and could go further in qually this time. Which meant a P8 for him. Then from 1 all the way trough 6: Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Vettel, Alonso and Raikkonen. Rosberg had a weird peace in qually. Just after he set the fastest time he had a weird braking moment in Mirabeau. It looked like a Schumi incident. Who back then blocked all the other traffic, and Alonso couldn't improve his time. This time it was Rosberg against Hamilton. And also somewhat the others. It's a real discussion point. Some say Nico really had a problem. Others say this was a Schumi and he will not ever admit it. Hamilton was not amused/pissed none the less. The investigation that followed was taking very long. And even watched the highlights on the BBC to hear the outcome. McNish and Coulthard were very clear on there point I think. Eddy Jordan not that much. Personnaly I think Rosberg didn't had a problem. But oh well Hamilton will have many more moments to come. If you ask me, Hamilton will be the stronger one till the end.

RACE: A normal start, with no incidents. Altough Maldonado went stationary on the grid during warm-up lap. And even retired before starting from the pit lane behind Ericsson. Then the first one out was Perez, a hit from Button. (More on that one later). Then it was Vettel who had no more drive left in his car, he really has that several times this year till now. Kvyat didn't make it to the end as well. Sutil had a weird moment exiting the Tunnel. Vergne had a smoky engine. Bottas as well, who put his car straight in the hairpin. Some nice overtakings in the hairpin as well, even more then before, which was nice to see. And Gutierrez made an error in the final stages of the race. All of this meant 14 out of 22 finished the race. The race itself, the first couple of rounds were still exciting to watch. Hamilton could pass on several occasions I think but had trouble with his tyres, who went pretty early. Then there was also the safety car. And then later the pit stop who didn't go according to plan, if we take Lewis word for it... After that some nice times from him but a bit too late perhaps. In the mid pack it was most of the time McLaren, who did a good job again (finally). And Williams. Massa in front in the end on 7th. And Lotus (Grosjean) did also well. The most amazing finish/race was from the Marussia of Bianchi and the Caterham from Kobayashi. Bianchi in the points however he still has a penalty to get (more on that later). And Kobayashi just on P13. Raikkonen with bad luck and so ended up in 12th position. The front of the pack remained unchanged overall: Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Alonso. 5th place for Hulkenberg, and just behind him Button. Who did well... Massa (Williams) also not bad, with a 7th position. While Bottas ended up in the DNF's

OTHER: It was quiete unclear what went wrong between Button and Perez, entering the hairpin part of the track, just passed Mirabeau. It really looked like Button spun Perez, but in the end there was no penalty for Button. Maybe blamed upon race incident, specially for Monaco... Then Bianchi, he did get the penalty. So he went from P8 towards P9 in the end result. The penalty was for entering the pits while safety car was (just) released. Besides that not that many penalty's or anything else. Next up is the American continent with Canada in the weekend before the 24 Hours of Le Mans.