Formula One | Japan, Suzuka

OTHER: So Simona de Silvestro has been dropped by Sauber, because she couldn't fullfill her payments appearently. It's confirmed by a spokes-man from the team. The team owner Kaltenborn stated that they would keep an eye on her but they had to let her go. I guess Sauber wanted to see a bit too much of money, from her, in comparison to Sirotkin and van der Garde. Sirotkin on the other hand will get next week his drive in Russia (during the first russian Grand Prix), but isn't to sure of a drive as well, I recon. Oh well Sauber won't let anything loose about driver-talks till this point. So we have to guess a bit more/further. Meanwhile between second and third practice Vettel announced that this would be his last year at Red Bull Racing. Shock ? Not really, Mr. Jordan (BBC) already told us a couple of months back this could happen. And so did a few others. Where will he go ? Most of the people say Ferrari. I think that would be a mistake from Vettel. Okay Red Bull doesn't do well, but the last few races they are better then Ferrari. Ferrari however could be getting back because all of there shifting in people/members. If he would go there, Alonso is more likely to leave Ferrari for good. It would be his last team he said several times. So the rumours are not all the same about his next step. Some say he will take a year off, others say he will go to McLaren Honda. As said before Honda will return next year, and they want key-figures in there car. The gap that Vettel leaves behind will be filled with Kvyat, currently driving for Toro Rosso (his first year). So Verstappen Jr. will get a new mate for next year. Most of the rumours go out to Carlo Sainz Jr., that would be nice, another driver from Spain. But if Alonso goes to McLaren who is bound to leave ? I hope for Button he can stay. Magnussen I don't know for sure... he did well in the first part of the season if not perfect. But I get a sense of Kovalainen from him, good but not really show it. So maybe him out Button as former Honda driver next to Alonso, could be fun. Ron Dennis should remain out of the picture if Alonso comes in tough. Then last but not least (concerning driver market) Vergne won't stick at Toro Rosso none the less. He told BBC before qually the team found him to old to keep the seat now that Kvyat leaves next year. They still only want young drivers. Well Max Verstappen did well in the 1st practice this weekend. Only a couple of seconds of from Kvyat.

QUALLY: A dry qually were rain was expected cause of a typhoon in the near-area. So not many weird things in the first two parts of qually. Lotus ended up off track after Q1. Maldonado received even a penalty upon that for using his 6th engine. But not all the places would be applied, so he will take some with him to the next race. Sauber, Force India and Toro Rosso didn't come further then Q2. Especially Toro Rosso was expected to do more... Then Q3: Raikkonen and Vettel in the back. They couldn't do much, and were configured for the rain on Sunday. Both McLaren's in front of them, they found a mix in there set-up. Ricciardo the best Red Bull driver once more. Alonso on fifth. And both Mercedes drivers and both Williams drivers in front of him. So the close battle went between Mercedes engines again. Some nice moves / driving from Lewis and Nico, and it was a close qually ending for sure. Hamilton did however take pole. Well done Lewis !

RACE: So the race was already stopped after 2 laps. Ericsson and a couple of others had difficulties with the rain. And it did poor right-down on some point. So after a couple of minutes safety-car / red flag they were going out again on lap 3. From that moment on they did a couple of laps behind the safety car. And then it could start for real. Too bad Alonso's car gave up when they were still behind the safety car. Besides that not that much going on in the race. Which is weird, considering this is Suzuka and it rain almost constantly. A couple of fights and nice overtaking moves by McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams. A couple of laps before the race was stopped with Red Flags because of 2 accidents and heavy rain, it was still a nice bit of action from Mercedes. Sutil was the first that had an accident in the dunlop corner. His car couldn't hold the corner and he went off. But the worse accident came from Bianchi. Appearently when the marshals were taking Sutil's car away Bianchi went of track on high speed (quiet odd with yellow flags out) in the back of the tow-truck. He went to the medical center and lateron the hospital with serious had- injuries. Let's hope he will be okay. But nothing more about that at this point. The podium ceremony was in a down-mood after this, logicaly. And the crash itself was not displayed on television (although not on the BBC). Marussia has a test-driver in place in case it is necessary. Alexander Rossi has already some experience. But they also have Will Stevens. Who does Formula Renault 3.5 this year, but would be available... None the less I hope Bianchi can get back in the car for the remaining of the season. A lot of Safety Car talk lateron and still going on at this point. But I will not give my point on that just yet. Have to see more footage from that before I rave about... Next weekend we will go for the first time in history to Russia.