Formula One | Italy, Monza

QUALLY: It was quiet straight forward. Lotus was always expecting a bad result. Kobayashi did a wonderful job for Caterham (in front of the Marussia's). Both Saubers were finally in Q2, on spot 15 & 16. In Q2 Hulkenberg, Raikkonen and Kvyat were not so lucky. Kvyat was soon double-unlucky, because he used his 6th engine for the season. On the BBC we got a look on most of the engines. Ferrari was also quiet close already. Then the top 10: the suprises there were; Vettel in front of Ricciardo. And both Williams drivers behind Hamilton and Rosberg. Rosberg only missed out on the pole position by a couple of tenths. And last but not least McLaren did a good job as well.

RACE: The weather for cast expected some rain. But it was soon clear that wouldn't happen. Ericsson needed to start from the pits. Then the race Hamilton lost some torque in the early part of the race. McLaren and Massa had some advantage because of that. They were also the tree that were battling. But then suddenly almost half way Rosberg made a mistake apparently. Hamilton who catched up behind Rosberg could take over. It's still a bit doubtful whether it was a mistake or not. With Spa in mind. None the less Rosberg couldn't come back from it, even with the pit stops out of place. Magnussen had another problem meanwhile. He forced Bottas of the track in the first chicane. Which gave Magnussen a 5 sec. penalty in the end. Massa was in 3rd by now. And Ricciardo made up his loss from qually during the race by beating rivals and Vettel on track. After that Guetierrez did damage his tire on Grosjean (which he got 20 sec. for after the race). So Lewis won, behind him Nico Rosberg. And in 3rd place former Tifosi favorite Massa.

OTHER: So Rosberg said Sorry for Spa. But he will still be booed for it. Vettel had the same issue 2 years ago. And now Rosberg has the same. Fair ? In my opinion: yes. Hamilton meanwhile came back relaxed and in ease. Phsyco warfare has started. And the seat-dance as well. Ferrari, Mercedes, Williams confirmed there drivers for next year. Toro Rosso is already clear. The rest is still quite open... By the way Eric Boullier found the penalty for Kevin a bit too much. Normally I would agree with McLaren/Eric, but not this time. He forced Bottas off the track. Bottas doesn't always go on a green-card as well. But you just don't push each other off the road. We don't accept it from Vettel, we don't accept it from Schumacher. And we certainly don't accept it twice in a row from Magnussen (with Alonso in Spa, and now with Bottas). So no Eric, it's a legal action to an illegal action. Yes we want to see fights. But don't push it... One last thing; according to rumours Sauber would be open for sale. And a Canadian clothing-brand owner would have interest in it. But Sauber doesn't go in to these rumours at this point / trash them with a name on them: not-true.