Formula One | Germany, Hockenheim

OTHER: So Guiterrez had a 5 place drop because of Silverstone (the colliding with Maldonado). The 200th grand prix from Massa didn't went well, maybe he has more luck on German soil. Speaking of German soil. This is the first grrand prix after Germany took home the World Cup Football (or Soccer, if you want to call it that way). For the 4th time in history already. So most of the German drivers had a special helmet for that occasion... Rosberg 1st helmet was an almost complete German flag with 4 stars and the official FIFA trofee. But that wasn't allowed by the FIFA. So he adjusted it to only the top German flag with 3 small starts (with the winning years). And 1 big star from this year. Vettel had a helmet with a banner based on the German flag and a German colored no. 1 on the helmet. And Sutil had his own region from Germany all over his helmet in a new design. This race was maybe for the last time in Hockenheim. Nurnburgring already stated that when the new management takes over (starting jan. 2015), that they will have the only rights for a German grand prix. Hockenheim on the other hand is confinced that they still have a race in 2016 and 2018. Who will the right answers ? Well Berny offcourse, and he says that it will still alter till the contract with Hockenheim is done. Unless stated otherwise by the FIA.

QUALLY: So qually saw Ericsson besides the track. A car problem made qually inpossible, which meant starting from the pitlane and also a stop-and-go penalty for braking the Parc Ferme regulations. Lateron in Q1 Hamilton had a huge impact in the Motordrome area. His right front brake exploded/broke which left him only with a left front brake, which wasn't enough obviously. The troubles were even worse, after qually it was stated that he needed other brakes. They were in the regulations of weight so that meant no starting from the pit lane. But the next problem did meant 5 places back on the grid: gearbox change. That meant all the way back to P20, qually'd on P15. Guiterrez was because of the penalty in P16. The rest of the qually went pretty easy. Without too many suprises. Maldonado and Sutil out in Q1. Raikonen out in Q2 (bit of a suprise), just like Vergne. And Williams again in the front with Bottas on P2, and Massa on P3.

RACE: The race didn't saw that many weird things going on. The usual Hockenheim fights were going on. With people leaving track-limits. And fights that were almost to harsch, but in bounds. The only thing that did stand out was the 1st lap / 1st corner crash between Magnussen and Massa. Massa rolled over, and it was race-over for him. Massa was offcourse pissed/disappointed by that. It was taken care of by Race Control as a race incident. But Massa had this many times already in his career. (Last couple of years). So I can understand his anger. Magnussen was just a bit to happy with taking the spot from Massa away on the track. So he went for a gap that disappeared. Which turned out odd for the both of them.