Formula One | China, Shanghai

QUALLY: There was drizzle (like the english say) during qually. Which causes for some shifts in the order. Some points of interest (from front to back): Both RedBull's in the top 3, during the rain they are good because of the mechanical grip, it seems. Williams had a solid performance. Were they not that on top during the first 3 races, they were now. Hulkenberg was the Force India driver in the top 10. And Vergne and Grosjean completed the top 10. Yes indeed Grosjean is the first of the Lotus drivers which reaches Q3. Bigger suprises: Raikkonen on 11, Button and Magnussen out in Q2 on 12 and 15. Perez on P16, a very doubtfull performance (with Bahrain in mind). One final note: Maldonado didn't run, because of an oil leak. But was allowed to start. His penalty was however applied, which is dumb, because he already started in the back.

RACE: Not a real interesting race. Excluded from the start and end. The start had two collisions with Massa - Alonso, and Bottas - Rosberg. Both incidents were left without warning or anything else. Massa had bad luck tough. Because during the pit stop they messed up his tyres. So he stand in the pits for +/- 50 sec. Besides that nothing interesting till the end of the race. Maldonado did a good job ending in the mid of the pack. And most of the fights were going on in the mid field as well. The interesting part came when they already flagged the race at the end of lap 54 in to 55. Which caused the last lap overtakings to be undone. The unfortonate driver in this was Kobayashi.

AFTER THE RACE: The appeal of RedBull was finished last tuesday, and Ricciardo keeps his punishment: DISQ. The clash between Bottas and Rosberg caused the fact that telemetry wasn't possible for both drivers, between them and there team. And Sutil was out of the race for the 3rd time. Alonso dedicated his victory to Domenicali who left Ferrari, because of the disappointed results. And Honda confirmed that it will only supply McLaren in 2015, and after that other teams perhaps. In Spain, or afterwards it should be clear if the engine sound can be changed or not, with a different exaust. Or that there is more change necessary. In two weeks there is the race in Spain. Europe here comes the new season of Formula One !