Formula One | Canada, Montreal

So the review of the race in Canada is a bit late. This is because of my trip towards the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But none the less I will pick my points of interest. So it may seem a bit smaller and quicker then normally...

QUALLY: Sauber, Caterham and Marussia were the back markers again. Too bad for Sauber, Gutierrez even had a crash in the last practice which made repair impossible. Where you see Williams going up, Sauber is going down. And already from the start of the year. Without a look forwards to improvement. Weird ! Kvyat had a race-weekend to forget. Canada is not formilliar ground for him. So maybe that was the problem of under-performance this one time. Upcoming weekend we have the Red Bull Ring however so we may see a repeat. Lotus was not doing so well either. Maldonado on the 17th spot. And Grosjean on P14. Force India was not having a great weekend as well, both out in Q2. Hulkenberg the only one who almost reached the top 10 shoot-out. Then the top 10: McLaren in the hands of Button on P9, while Kevin out in Q2. Both Ferrari's in the back field of the top 10. Ricciardo back in 6. While Vettel was 3rd. Williams on P4 and P5 (Bottas and Massa), very good result from both. And Rosberg in front of Hamilton once more. But this time in a legal form.

RACE: The 200th race for Raikkonen. The rest of the race saw a fight between the two mercedes drivers, force india, williams and red bull. In the start of the race both Marussia drivers took each other out. After that Ericsson's race came to an end caused by technical problems. Kobayashi soon followed. Lotus was doing bad as well. And couldn't finish the race. Grosjean just a couple of laps before the race came to an end. Hamilton and Rosberg faced some engine / electronic problems after the half of the race was done. For Hamilton however this resulted in an early retirement from the race. Rosberg could continue, but with less power. This meant possibilety's for Force India, Williams and Red Bull. The last one did it, in the shape of Ricciardo who won the Grand Prix. However Perez and Massa (the last one was in the shape for a victory, but a miss calculation from the team spoiled it) where in a big shunt at the end of the race. With just one lap to go the two touched each other. And with Perez already having a break problem it meant they both went off. Raikkonen made it to 10th place. Bottas on 7th. HUlkenberg the best at Force India with a 5th place. Button even 4th because of the shunt from Perez vs. Massa. Places 1 - 3: Ricciardo, Rosberg and Vettel.

OTHER: So Chilton (because of the collision with his team mate), and Perez (for the shunt with Massa) received a penalty for the next race. There are people who think Massa was to blame. And there is a lot of footage who would clear that. But what I see is this: Perez is on his line, Massa is charging for an overtake. And suddenly Perez decides to defend his line, by coming of the racing line. Massa doesn't think that he would do it and turns in the same line next to Perez which meant a collision. Chilton vs. Bianchi was quiete easy, the both knocked each other out. With Chilton starting the collision. Upcoming weekend we have the Red Bull Ring, former known as A1 Ring. There are a few small adjustments to the track. And yesterday there was the news that Michael Schumacher has finally waked up, out of coma. The proces from waking him up has finally came to an end with that. Now the recovery proces starts. But it's good news already. Di Montezemolo had an interview with the Wall Street Journal. But he was wrongly citated Ferrari says. They won't leave Formula One but it must be discussed that it needs to be changed. Effiencency is not the way to go for Formula One. Around 2020 they could however return to Le Mans. It has become more attractive. This year already with the return from Porsche to LMP1. And next year the return from Nissan to LMP1.