Formula One | Brazil, Sao Paulo

OTHER: So Felipe Nasr is appearently the 2nd driver for Sauber next year. Van der Garde doesn't get it. And Sutil says there is still a lot to talk about. Nasr is the reserve driver at Williams for now. And has a huge backing by the Banco do Brasil. So that is maybe why he became it for Sauber. Meanwhile it's confirmed that Marussia isn't there anymore. And Catherham has a slight change to come back at Abu Dhabi. McLaren also wants to know from Alonso between now and Adu Dhabi if he joins them. According to AS (spanish paper) that is the case for 2 years. Meanwhile Porsche from the WEC isn't in talks with Button appearently. And Button won't wait for ever on McLaren (understandable). And there is huge talk about 3 cars per team if we have 14 cars in the prospect for next year. which brings the total to 21 again. With Haas F1 racing joining in 2016 that will make 24 cars. But I leap to much ahead now.

QUALLY: So qually saw some interesting things. More or less near the end. Lotus didn't make it towards Q2. So did Perez. Sauber went off in Q2. Ferrari at the back in Q3. The interesting bit was between Williams and Mercedes. Massa was close to a 2nd place, but started on P3. The most tense part happened between Lewis and Nico Rosberg. Lewis appeared to be on P1, but there was .033 between them.

RACE: The race wasn't that exciting. Normally it would be, but the weather was nice. And there was no other things in the way. Besides that it wasn't the season-final which helps as well. Hamilton should way how ever to keep Rosberg fighting in the last race. But that wasn't the case. He won the race. Anything out of the ordinairy this race then ? Well the fight between both Ferrari and Mercedes drivers near the end was nice. Besides that nothing much actually. So in 2 weeks time we have the final in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton has the most change of winning his 2nd title there.