Formula One | Bahrain, Sakhir

QUALLY: It was the first time in the history of Bahrain, that we had an evening qually. Personally I forgot the time, because of the adjustment. And therefor I watched it back the following morning. However: because of the penalty Ricciardo received for Malaysia, it was already a bit clear Red Bull wouldn't have a great weekend. And it really did turn out, to be a down-side weekend for them. Vettel from P10 and Ricciardo from P13. But there was also a positive side on the night timing. Both Williams and Force India were on a couple of tens / seconds behind the two Mercedes vehicles. Kobayashi tried to enter Q2, but missed out on it eventually: P19. Sutil was the one 'out' of the pack. With a P18 after Q1. Then Q2, in here we also saw some drop-outs. Lotus, Guiterrez (Sauber), Toro Rosso, Hulkenberg (Force India). Then Q3: Ferrari waited to long to set a time in Q3. Although it's the tyres from Q2 and the time from Q1 to be placed for the race... Button out-paced Magnussen (P6 and P8). Williams was in the end to damn close to the top: 1,5 seconds from P1. Massa went to P7 and Bottas towards P3 (after the penalty from Ricciardo). Perez did a solid job for the first time this year at Force India, with a P4. And Rosberg was eventually quicker then Hamilton (P1 and P2).

RACE: The race saw some pretty nice moves. And that during the evening. Because the race was also on a different time then before. Quiete immediatly it was Rosberg and Hamilton fighting for positions. Behind them it was also quiete a tough battle between Williams, Force India, Ferrari and Red Bull. Besides them no one could make a serious attack. Sutil and Vergne were the first of the drop-outs from the race. Ericson followed with an oil leak. Guiterrez was the one drop out that caused a safety car on track. Which put everyone back together again. And was causing a mini race for the remaining 15 laps. So that incident was pretty havy. For the ones that didn't see it: Maldonado came out of the pits. Guiterrez was already close to the 1st corner, and left some room, because he saw Maldonado. And suddenly Maldonado just crashed into him. Witch meant a barrel role for Guiterrez. After that the two McLaren's were the last drop out's. In the last 15 races it was still an intense fight between the two from Mercedes, but also at Williams. Ricciardo had a nice fight back in to place 4. Vettel on 6. Hulkenberg had a great damage-control-race, which brought him on P5. Massa and Bottas on P7 and P8, unfortantly they couldn't keep up with the pace at the end. And both Ferrari's on the back of the top 10. Hamilton won eventually, with Rosberg and Perez behind him. Perez did a really good job with that. And was real excited with the result.

AFTER THE RACE: Maldonado already received a 10 seconds penalty in the race. And received a 3 points penalty on his license for the incident with Guiterrez. But Maldonado was almost in the thought that Guitterez made an error.