Formula One | Australia, Melbourne

So this is the first report (former known as review) of the 2014 season. I am planning to give a bit more information/depth during this season... So here we go:

QUALLY: Lotus was way back. Didnít have enough run time during the pre-season testing. Did however started with testing also quiete late. Caterham was there, a bit further up in the field then usual with Kobayashi. Vettel still had problems. Engine mapping was the reason. Ricciardo did perfect however. Button was good underway but the yellow flags were waved at the wrong time, these were for Raikonnen who spun in the rain that started falling in Q2. Raikonnen lost it and bumped his nose in the wall at the end of Q2. Toro Rosso, Williams, Force India, McLaren (Magnussen), Ferrari (Alonso) did good, and ended up front. Hamilton pole, Ricciardo second and Rosberg on third. Magnussen behind him (great rookie).

RACE: Chilton remain on the grid before the warm up lap. After that Bianchi remain on grid after warm up lap, so another warm up lap (no. 2). That meant that Kobayashi was a bit under pressure, forgot to brake in time (as it looked), unfortunately Massa out. Kobayashi already had his right front wheel loose, upon contact with a Toro Rosso. Grosjean received a drive through because he started from the pit lane to soon, arriving at the end before the 15 minutes horn. Then Vettel and Hamilton were in problem with their car. Bianchi didnít even start from pit lane, after he was pushed there, and made a pit stop. Then almost in the middle of the race a SC because of Bottas, he lost control coming out of a turn. He could continue after losing the tire. Rosberg was in front, even after SC. Ricciardo behind him, on short distance. Bottas did recover well after his tire problem. Which is good for Williams, he was on P7 before the problems. Toro Rosso kept up, Force India as well. 5 people were already out by now: Vettel, Hamilton, Kobayashi, Massa, Bianchi. Caterham (Ericson) did good. Too bad Kobayashi had the brake thing going on at the start... Till so far great weekend. Rain in the qually. In the race the tire / first corner tension and SC on track. Nice sound, you keep hearing the wheels spinning after stopping and starting in the pits. Or when they roll through at braking, squeakin'. There was some expected rain in the area near the track, it didnít came to rain tough. The pit in sound is different, yes pay attention to small details. Itís not alarm like but a flute like sound this year. Ericson no also out. So 17 cars remain in the race in lap 34 of 57. Button lost tip of the nose by the jackman during his stop. Bottas on eight again, nice pass on Raikonnen. Raikonnen a bit messy on braking this weekend. But also other overtaking moves by him. Lotus did recover well, in the situation. Grosjean went out on lap 45 (his mate was already out halfway), Perez on P11 at this point (his personal number is also 11), Hulkenberg on 6 (with personal number 27). Vergne with a nice slide, Bottas overtake-style, again. The people in front were warned by Bottas (during lap 48 of 57) Ricciardo was stuggling with tires at this point, Button behind Magnussen in the last few laps. Lap 52 of 57. Nice overtakings so far, from time to time. Magnussen is near Ricciardo and driving like Button does. Bottas now on 6, Hulkenberg back at 7 (started from P7) The finish was as following: P1 till P3: Rosberg / Ricciardo / Magnussen. After them Button / Alonso / Bottas.

AFTER THE RACE: It came to attention that Ricciardo used more fuel then allowed. Result: Disqualification. Kobayashi didnít get a penalty, because his Catherham car itself had a rear brake problem. FIA and Caterham must look further into it. Red Bull goes against the decision of the FIA, and says that it was this whole weekend a problem. FIA on the other hand say they have informed Red Bull about the fuel sensor, they didnít do anything with it. This means that Magnussen is 2nd, Button 3rd and thus on the podium. And Perez ends up in 10th. So who are the top dogs this weekend (as far as we can tell now) from the 13 cars in the final result: Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Williams. Curious what the final verdict will be for Red Bull. In two weeks time, we will know more... Then we are in Malaysia !