Twice | Knock Knock

So this video/song I came across last tuesday and since then it has been a catchy/addictive song. So I looked up a bit about this group. Because from the clip I wasn't sure how many members this group had/has. So there are nine girls. Nayeon and Jeongyeon from South Korea, Momo and Sana from Japan, Jihyo/Dahyun/Chaeyoung from South Korea, Mina from Texas (USA) but moved to Japan as a toddler. And Tzuyu from Taiwan. The origin of the group is South Korea, but the members are from different countries. They are a result from the 2015 show: Sixteen. And is active since October 2015. Tzuyu and Momo were added to the final line-up during the finale of the show... You can switch the captioning ON, it's pretty acurate it seems.