B*Witched | C'est La Vie

Yes I know, SOAP was already an old song. But I starting to think back about old song's. So you need to live with it I guess. This update already contains two more old songs. One of them is this one: B*Witched !. A group who had only one hit wonder in the most of the world, Europe for sure. Wikipedia tells the following about this group: "B*Witched was an Irish girl group who enjoyed success in both Europe and North America between 1998 and 2000, releasing two albums and eight singles, all of which made the UK Top 20. The original lineup comprised twin sisters Edele and Keavy Lynch, Sinead O'Carroll and Lindsay Armaou. The name was intentionally spelled with an asterisk to prevent confusion with the Swedish black metal band Bewitched".

Original item date: 16-11-2008. Updated version date: 18-02-2015... I already had the official clip once, but it was brought down. So I put up a LIVE version of the same song. Not long ago I came across the official clip once more. So here it is again...