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TV | The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 1

So the new season has started already, but I didn't had time to watch it (till now). So be prepared for the start of Season 7 ! SPOILERS IF YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS EPISODE YET, O'COURSE !

So everyone is at there knees by Negan. Rick and the group must pay for what they did to a big part of Negan's group. I won't go too much into detail, you just will need to see what happens during the episode if you want all the details.

Negan asks the group to work for them. In return they can live where-ever they feel at home. It makes it easy to see that Negan's people don't have the resources or the people to do the work on there own. Or that they are just to lazy to put in some work. That's why they also have the hilltop under there 'domain'. So who did Negan smash in the last episode. Well we see it after some scenes in this episode. And I was quite right with my thoughts about it: Abraham. He really takes it well. And the scene is quite horrific to see (but you don't see much). But Daryl stands up at the end, and that is something Negan doesn't agree with. So will this have two deaths in the series instead of one, like in the comics happened ?

Before we see the results from Daryl's action Rick is been taken by Negan into the RV for a little ride. Negan wants to change the way Rick is looking at him. But he doesn't succeed that well. He puts an axe on the RV table and Rick almost gets it, and almost gets to Negan. But he is prepared and takes his gun, but doesn't fire at Rick. Negan wants to play 'catch' with Rick as he throws his axe on top of the RV's roof, and with Rick now outside of the RV, Rick needs to get to the roof quick. (So he can return the axe to Negan). Once on the roof Rick get's a black-out and sees every single group member get knocked on there head with a baseball bat. But that is not real, it's just a vision. He get's back in the RV eventually. Negan allows him to keep the axe, as he might need to use it...

Back at the 'gathering' Rick is being put besides Carl. Carl is forced on the ground. And one of Negan's handsman has a pen for him. A thin line is being put on Carl's arm. And Rick almost forces him to knock off Carl's arm. But Rick comes to senses and is understanding what Negan wants. So Carl is saved. But Daryl's action from earlier means one more group member has to go. And most of you guessed that one right (altough not many will knew that there were two deaths): Glenn. He takes it like a man as well. As one eyed is almost popped, and he is still brabling towards Maggie. So Abraham and Glenn is dead now. Maggie wants to stay with the remains for a bit. Sascha remains with her. The rest need to go back. Accross the episode we see flash back of Glenn. From Abraham we don't see that much unfortanately. Negan's group heads back to there compound as they take Daryl with them as captive - So Rick's group does need to provide sources and won't attack them, as then Daryl will be sliced to pieces.

So how will Alexandria react ? What does the hilltop do ? Will Rick go to the hilltop with the rest as promised before the attack. Or will he go back to Alexandria first ? This episode was way more awfull then the comics counter-part. So I am curious what the rest of this season will have for us.