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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 16

So it's the final episode of the Season, 65 minutes of The Walking Dead. (Instead of 35 - 40 min.) I won't go to much in detail this time. Because it's a long episode. And much will happen. But I WILL put in summary ! SPOILERS IF YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS EPISODE YET, O'COURSE !

So Morgan is on his trip to find Carol. He is still being followed by the one guy that survived Carol's Pick-up murder-round. Who is on this point not a walker, but could soon be one. After a short walk he finds her at inside a compound surrounded by fences. She is wounded near her hips, but it seems okay. He patches her up as far as it goes. And he wants to head back with her. But Carol deff. don't want to. Carol confronts him that he still doesn't understand. If you can't kill or don't want to kill anymore. Then you should get away from that place/spot. Even threatens him, to just go back and leave her. Even if that means her death. When he goes outside to clean-out some walkers and comes back Carol has left the building. And so the search re-starts. We see Carol wandering through a farm village again were she can nearly escape two walkers but is then overwelmed by the pick-up-murder guy. He shoots her in the arm followed by her leg. All of this as revenge for the pick-up-scene last week. Morgan is just in time before Carol is getting the final shot. He puts alot of lead in him, cause he just won't stop. Then suddenly 2 people in armed clothing are showing up. It seems like they are from the Hilltop.

At Alexandria Carl and Enid have a discussion. Were Carl is very clear he won't let anything happen to her. In the end he locks her inside a closet. Carl even responses to her question of how she is going to live with it if he doesn't return, with: JSS (Just Survive Somehow). Rick summoned some people to head to the Hilltop more or less for Maggie. And it seems to be Rick, Sascha, Abraham, Eugene, Carl, Aaron and Maggie o'course. Gabriel and Spencer have put up a defense and emergency plan. And even a back-up if the Saviors are coming at the gate. Dwight's group seem busy with other people they want to shoot and kill. With a familiar face for Grand Theft Auto V players: the same guy played Trevor, is now in this episode (at least). In the end they put him on the road in front of the barricade they put up on the road.

After the intro he focusses more on Rick's pack of the group :Rick conforms Maggie a bit, that as long as they are together they can do everything. They end up on the road-block Dwight's people put up. They want to make a deal, taking there stuff again and kill one of them. But Rick turns it the other way around. They seem to go along another route. Rick states: do you want today to be your last day on earth ? Weird enough they are allowed to go another route. Some routes don't have a clear view tough, which they deff. want. But on that road it's also blocked so they go on another route again. This route however is filled with walkers. They see something familiar on the walkers tough: Michonne's jacket and a single piece of dreadlock, Daryle's arrow when they want to take down the walkers they are getting fired upon. Rick does manage to clear up the road-chained-walkers. So they can drive-on. However they now face even more people forming a very solid road-block. They back-up again. But the road they are left with is blocked by cut-down trees. Which is set on fire on the exact moment they (Dwight's men (which are actually Negan's men o'course)) drop a dead men to a chain from the bridge above. It seems it are the same people from the first road-block. Eugene re-thinks again and again. And then seems to go with driving in the dark, all of that as a decoy. Eugene gives rick a DIY on making the bullets he discovered with Abraham. So Eugene as a decoy. And the rest out of the RV. So they can reach the hilltop on foot maybe. But the on foot-plan doesn't go well as Dwight's wissle is hunting them down. On an open spot they are surrounded by even more cars, and people. And they seem to have the RV with Eugene as well. All of the weapons are taken from them. Trevor-guy is back as well. They all are ordered on there knees. It's an odd view on Rick being frightend, that didn't happen since season 3 or so (with Lori). Dwight is there as well. -- Through the episode we have seen a couple of dark images with light shining through the holes. It seems like someone is still in the RV. But it's there Van, with Daryle and everyone in it. Daryle is shot, but still alive. -- Then the Trevor-guy opens up the RV, and Negan finally appears. Negan makes it very clear: give me your shit or I will kill you. They are not save, not even close. And it may be a large pill to swollow, but they will. Everything they have is now for Negan. Someone has to die for what the group did in last couple of episodes. It seems like Carl has one of the guns from Negan's people. When Negan almost want to hit Maggie, Glenn looses it. But he is forgiven, and gets back in line. But Negan makes it clear that is accepted once, but not twice. Rick almost collapses under the tension. Then Negan does his comic-count down for beating one of the group up. We don't see the final count but Negan makes it clear anyone want to cut loose or intervere and Carl looses the other eye. The episode / this season ends with that. Major cliffhanger for sure !!!

So just to give you a short summary of it all: Morgan and Carol are quite sure going to the Hilltop. Enid and the rest is still at Alexandria. Rick's part that was still outside are now together on there knees. And one of them is killed because Rick's group killed to much from Negan's crew. But who that is, is a guess. I say it's Daryle. It has been the gossip the last couple of weeks. And it would be understandable. But it can also be Abraham. There is no solid clue, it can also be Glenn tough. Because he has seen the smashed heads in one of the guardposts from Negan. And Heath is nowhere in the area. All of this does add to the tension / cliffhanger.