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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15


So last time we ended with everyone back in one piece, even Dr. Denise - all be it in a body back into her grave inside the Alexandria Safe Zone. But in the final moments we witness a Carol who is done with killing and leaves this place (Alexandria) and leaves a note for Tobin (who she felt romantic with). We start this episode with seeing a car with a bullet hole in the front window / a wooden stick in the side / gun holes in the back section / blood and the Jesus necklace on the ground. Meanwhile we hear a woman say (Carol ?) come out slowly, and the man responding I'm going to pass on that. And then a gun shot. The intro follows.

We seem to cut back to an earlier stage where Carol is planning her leave, packing stuff/food. And even got her note ready. Tobin is looking for her, so she hides it. As Tobin mentions old stuff about Denise we hear the sound fading. During the night she sneaks out and leaves Tobin in bed, sleepin'. During the next morning we see everyone at there daily habbit. We even see some shower stuff between Maggie and Glenn as Maggie's bruising from Paula's team is still visible. We even see the loving twinkle between Abraham and Sascha and the jealous eye of Rosita in between. Michonne confronts Rick that Maggie is afraight of an attack by Negan's people. But Rick says that they have everything inside the walls now and that the people of Alexandria now what to do by now. So they won't loose THIS again. During Maggie, Glenn and Michonne's reinforcement of weapons and guard-post Daryle decides to leave. While everyone else seems to not be OK with it. But Daryle does leave. Glenn and Michonne go after him in a van. Rosita joins in at the last moment as she claims were he is going. Abraham should take her guard-shift. Tobin knocks at Rick's door and gives him the note Carol left for him, remember Tobin: Carol asked you not to come after her... They go to the front gate were Tobin realises that one car is missing from the front. - So Daryl is going back to where Denise has been killed, Carol left for her / the groups sake. - Morgan wants to go after Carol with the note in hand. Rick joins him the rest should stay put (tell Carl, he seems to be real pissed at Morgan). Everyone stays ready for a fight ! We see Carol in her car as she has reinforced it with steal pins. She comes across another car with 5 men starting to shoot at her car, popping the tyres. When they start asking questions Carol seems to make-up a cover: Nancy from Mont Claire, the men seem to know Alexandria. They seem to know that a car like the one Carol took is in front of the gates of Alexandria. They are on there way to there. In a reaction 'Nancy' is hyper-ventilating again claiming no ones else has to get hurt. When they turn there heads she mowes them town with an automatic rifle inside her jacket. One guy lives tough. She puts him down with one of the pins as he comes to the car. There is one more behind the pickup they came in. (This is the piece we hear before the intro). Back at camp Enid gives Maggie a pot of pickles as she wants to take over a shift. All be it for a few hours. Meanwhile in the Morgan car he claims that Rick didn't have to come along. Carol went east (as the title claims) but they ran into Negan's group in the west. We cut back to the pickup-scene that Carol left. The one in the passenger seat and the one that Carol shot last are still breathing. The passenger seat guy walks away as Rick and Morgan reaches the spot. They check the whole pickup and kills everyone who is still a bit breathing. Rick sees a lance from the hilltop's blacksmith. These men were Saviors (as we all know). They find a blood trail, and while Morgan thinks she is already dead Rick ain't so sure yet. They follow the trail on foot. Rick is coming to the conclusion that they didn't end it but started something. The men from the passenger seat is coming out of the bushes and is destined to follow them.

The search party that went after Daryle is finally at the train tracks. As Michonne finds his bike under a bush. Rosita claims that they should let Daryle do this. But Glenn disagrees, and states that the Saviors knowing more about them then the other way around. Rosita then decides to help none the less. We see Daryle on the hunt for the trail left by Dwight's men. He hears something and just misses Rosita by an inch. Glenn and Michonne are trying to talk him out of it for now but they fail. As Rosita is joining up with Daryl. Glenn and Michonne head back. On there way back they are surrounded by armed men. Dwight is amonst them. Then we cut back to Rick and Morgan. As they discuss what happend to Carol before (during the prison timeline). They find a farm with a lot of dead body's. They see a blink of a man killing walkers. There are even more walkers coming. When the man tries to run Rick wants to shoot him down but Morgan knocks him out of aim. After they kill the walkers, one of them nearly bites Morgan. Morgan confesses to Rick about the Wolves. He tries to talk him self (a bit) right the whole thing about Denise helping the Wolf and then later Carl. Morgan decides that Rick should go back to Alexandria and that he will try to find Carol. And that he will come back, if not they won't need to search for him. Rick agrees, suprisingly. As he gives Morgan a gun just in case. They split ways with Rick saying to him that Michonne did stole a protinebar from Morgan back in Season 3. Rick makes it back. Once back he realises that Michonne is still out there with the others. Not aware of there situation. Abraham's one-lining machine kicks back in: You're frightenend to get back to it, with somebody close ? Me too, but now nothing makes me come closer to tear the world a brand new asshole. Any second they can come back he tells Rick.

Maggie has asked Enid to come over, as Maggie wants a different hair-cut. After the hair cutting we hear a slight cracking noise (?!) the baby seems to arrive. We then see Glenn and Michonne tied up by Dwight's people. From behind the trees we see Daryle and Rosita have turned back to help them out. Dwight is behind Daryle and Rosita tough. As Daryle turns around Dwight shoots him (it seems for now). With Dwight saying: You'll be alright... What a cliff hanger ! I won't do predictions at this point. One thing is for certain. There will be quite a confrontation next time... But we have enough time next week. As the final episode of the season will be a 'double' (in length).