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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14


So after the group saved Maggie and Carol it's back to Alexandria once more. We start of with Olivia, which seems to be happy there are some things left. Everythings seems OK, even with Gabriel and Eugene at there guard-post. Morgan is doing his daily training. In the next shot we see him build a wall in the basement. Which seems to be the wall for the prison he build on his own (inside the basement, so a room within a room). Rick enters the room and questioning Morgan why they would need a prison ?! Morgan replies: It will give you/us some choices next time. We fade-out to the next day as we see basicly the same routine only Carol and Tobin are really being a couple now. Carol is still holding the Jesus Necklace. We see Rosita who has been sleeping with Spencer. We then cut towards Daryl who is happy to have his bike back. Carol joins him, and while Carol is questioning if Daryl should have killed the bike-stealers yes or no. Daryl wants to know if Paula and her gang did something to them. Which is perhaps not the case. But still Carol seems to infected with guilt. Another fade-out followed by daily routine follows. Only now without Olivia, Gabriel and Morgan. *Intro starts*

Rosita and Spencer walk up to Dr. Denise while Abraham and Eugene went on there 'run'. Rosita seems to be irritated with Spencer somehow. Dr. Denise want to join Daryl and Rosita on there 'run'. But neither of them finds this a great idear, eithway the doctor seems determind on a place she saw from DC towards Alexandria once. They should have meds'. Along the way the doctor seems to be a wise-ass on how to drive a pickup truck properly. But then the road seems to be blocked lateron. It's clear but they can't go further by driving. So Rosita and the doctor want to stick to the train tracks but Daryl refuses (a.k.a. disliked Terminus a lot). Rosita doesn't seem to listen and goes her train tracks route. They eventually meet up again on the other end. Daryl seems to be pissed at Rosita. They arrive at the 'mall'. He orders Denise to stay back while Rosita and he are going through it. They are in the clear and brake there way into the pharmacy. They are taking all instead of Denise only needs particulair things she says. Denise seems to be attracted to a walker stuck behind a door. She finds a walker chained to a cabinet and with words on the wall, "hush hush hush hush hush". Frigtined by the image of a kid inside a sink, she goes outside with knocking stuff over. She holds a keychain with a name on it: Dennis. Which reminds her of her brother. On the way back Daryl decides to pick the train tracks none the less. On there way Denise finds a car with a cooling box inside even when Daryl and Rosita says they shouldn't put any time in it. Denise none the less does it, and gets overwelmed with just 1, walker !! But she manages to get on top of it, and kill it. She then throws up on her glasses (Gabriel style). Denise doesn't seem to get that she could have died and finds it that Daryl and Rosita also could have been killed by Negan's men. She rages on some more and then out of nowhere gets hits by a arrow through her eye (DOUBLE SPOILER: this happened with Abraham in the comic, only difference is-) they are surrounded by people quickly after the shot.

In between we catch up with Abraham and Eugene. Eugene seems to be adapted to this new way of being / alive in the apocalypse. Eugene is lock-picking the doors that are locked. Eugene has come accross this in his search on the area. It's a place where they can make bullets for there guns. Eugene thinks he can indeed create the bullets. Even gets appreciated by Abraham with out of the box thinking :D A walker is coming at them and Eugene wants to put it down. But it has metal/lead on his head so the Machete doesn't work. Eugene seems to be in problem so Abraham comes to his aid which Eugene dislikes. They have a quite a fight in which Eugene makes clear to Abraham that he can make it on his own. So he doesn't need to babysit on Eugene anymore. That does it for Abraham so he leaves, back towards Alexandria.

One of the man that surrounds Rosita and Daryl is the man that stole Daryl's bike and Bow/Arrow (aka Dwight). And he has Eugene already captured. He is burned in his face (the people who are reading the comics know why and how). Daryl says he should have killed him. But Dwight even states that he was aiming for Daryl and not Denise. Eugene sees Abraham while he is on the ground. Dwight and his men want in, into the safe-zone. Or they will kill Eugene, Rosita and then Daryl (in that order). Eugene rats Arbaham out who is behind the barrels. Saying he deserves it more then them. One of the guys goes for a look as Eugene bits on Dwight his nut-sack. Followed by Abraham and soon after Daryl to take out the men one by one. A lot of walkers come out of the woods because of the gun-fire. Daryl's gun is jamming on the point he can almost kill Dwight. Daryl is almost certain to pick up his bow and shooting Dwight with his bow. But Rosita orders him to stop. Eugene is hit in his stomach by the crossfire. Denise is dead. But they make it back towards Alexandria with Eugene. Abraham apologizes to Eugene.

We then see Abraham in front of Sascha's house. She accepts his choices / and hers. And so he may enter her house. We see Daryl and Carol putting Denise in her grave (which they did return for appearently). Carol replies on Daryl's question from a while back that Daryl was right in thinking he should have killed Dwight when he hat the chance. Carol has wrote a note towards Tobin: that the threat will remain as long as Alexandria has safety. And that she understands that she has to kill again but that she doesn't want to. She mentions even the point were Rick sent her away during season 3 or 4. We see Olivia rolling out the guns. The cars lining up at the gate. Rosita joins Sascha at the gate-post. Carol states she is leaving. And Morgan is looking at an empty bench were she had sit on. With the guns in the background Morgan seems to realise what is bound to happen.

So will we see Carol after this ? Will she be a key role in the final of the season perhaps ? And what will Morgan learn out of all this ? We nearly lost 2 people in this episode, but it got stuck on one. What will Dwight pull out of his sleeve. Will the group go after Dwight first ? It seems like it. The episode title was not clear in this one. I guess it referred to Carol: Twice as far. Not able to get back from her state of mind. Daryl also seems to have been struck by the same set of mind. While he is still a fighter. So what will happen to him ? (WEB GOSSIP ALERT: I read on the internet that Daryl might be doing his last season, so after this season he might be off as well. So is he going after Carol. That they disappear together for a while ?!