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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13


So after the last episode a few people said that Rick's group went to far in the episode. And should have waited a bit more. Personally I see the last episode as a semi-filler episode. So I don't get the buzz. The only weird thing is: that I don't understand why there was a 2nd fall back in place. And why that one was only covered by Carol and Maggie.
This episode starts with a little back-track when the alarm went of in the outpost Rick and the others were attacking. We see Carol and Maggie in the same 'fight' as in the last episode. Only difference Carol is pulling her gun on a guy sneaking up from behind. And shoots him in the limb. Maggie wants to finish it. But then they are both under gun-point. We then see there point of view on Rick's group and that the bike guy his name is: Primo. We now even hear there discussion on if they should take Rick on or not before the Walkie-conversation continues. They are still under walker threat. Rick wants to make a deal. Primo for Maggie and Carol. And letting them live. Primo seems to be the only one that can fix up the guy. Paula (as the red-head is called by him) doesn't seem to be under control anymore/got soft. Both Maggie and Carol are getting there jackets over there head. The intro follows up.

We see Maggie and Carol getting taped together inside a car. Paula talks through her walkie some commands. Some outposts guys were not on there spot appearently. But they are now aware of the situation it seems. Once they are getting taken inside we see a sign on the ground: "Kill Floor & Raw Processing". Maggie gets to see again with a walker up close, getting killed by Paula. They get tied up a bit more, separated across the room. Then the others from her Negan-team call for Paula, for back-up. Somehow Carol is going hysteric after the shooting stops (all the walkers are dead appearently). Paula and the rest return. They pop out the gag from Carol after Maggie asks to do so. It seems like Carol is playing her part again as she reaches for the Jesus necklace that belonged to the walker Paula killed earlier. Carol states that it doesn't matter what happens to her as long as Maggie and her Baby are OK. The title of the episode it spilled out as one of Paula's people are cuffing up blood: "I'm a dead woman walking, which puts us in exactly the same boat". Maggie confronts the wounded guy and Paula. His arm will die and so will he when he doesn't get the help in time. Like that she wants to force Paula into a diaglog with Rick about Primo. But it doesn't happen. The guy confronts Carol and when he is in pain Paula gets smacked in the face by him. Maggie tackles him. Carol gets kicked in her back, but then Paula gets back on her feet and knocks him out. Maggie gets taken to another room with one of Paula's girls (which has been punished by the same group, by cutting of one of her fingers, for stealing stuff from them in the first place).

We then hear Rick contacting Paula. Paula replies his question with that she would contact them instead of the other way around. Paula asks Carol what she thought that would happen when they attacked the outpost. Carol confronts them with the story about Daryl getting ambushed, together with Sascha and Abraham (without mentioning there names). "So know we know what happened with T's group". They state that they are all Negan (Paula's people). Paula putts up a whole story about what happened to her on the day of the outbreak. After all that Carol says that Paula is the one afraid, and that she is going to die. When Paula asks if Carol kills her, Carol replies "I hope not". Paula then makes the trade agreement with Rick on a field that has a clear view all around. They agree on 10 minutes. But Paula is shaking her head already. Paula thinks that Rick's answer was way to quick. And that they might be on there tale. Or perhaps even surrounding the place. When Paula and her one girl leaves the room. Carol goes into 'overdrive'. That wounded guy is still in the room. Carol follows them after soon after. She goes to Maggie who is also without guard it seems. Maggie still wants to kill them all they go back to the room where the guy is. They put him on a rope-leash. When the one girl returns she gets bit while opening the door. Maggie finishes her off. After a short time Paula returns in the same room. She goes after Carol and Maggie and soon catches up. They are stuck on the walkers which Paula kills, then Carol points a gun at her, and orders Paula to leave while she can. (While Carol might be still the same killer, she is a bit Morgan like, like I mentioned in the last Review). While Carol is overthinking to gun her down or not one of the walkers behind her get loose. In the reflex Carol shoots and the walker is killed by Maggie. The other girl that kept Maggie in a different room before, is having a look and gets beaten by Maggie. But she gets loose and cuts Maggie at her stomach. Carol goes 'terminator-mode' on that and shoots her. Paula is still under the living and gives credit to Carol. Carol seems to be more afraid around Paula. And so she gets smacked by Paula. In the fight following Carol knocks her on one of the pins. As Paula gets eaten by one of the walkers.

Carol and Maggie then hear the walkie talking. The back-up has arrived at the perimiter. Carol reply's meet us at the Kill Floor (that were she went through on the way inside). Once the back-up is passing by Carol lights them up with a sigaret in a butchers room it seems. They have put the gasoline on the ground. And so they will burn to death... (Awesome stuff from Carol once more). Every kill seems to traumatise Carol a bit further. Even when she is the strong spine of the group. This gets her kill-count around 25 I think. Once outside Maggie faces Glenn and Rosita. (The rest is also there). So they were indeed not on the meeting field. But up-close to the building itself. Rick questions Primo again, who they took with him. Primo calls himself Negan, just like Paula and her team did. So Rick is tired of the shit and kills him. The last shot is Carol drifting away with blood in her hands of crushing the Jesus necklace.

So is Carol back to square one, and the same fragile woman from the early seasons. According to her way of killing she isn't. But every kill does seem to have an impact on her. She even reply's to Daryl that she isn't fine. So what will happen next ? Rick's group returning to Alexandria. And then Negan finally finding out what happened to his people. And coming after them ? Rick and Daryl didn't get answered where Primo got the bike from (appearently found it, as Primo states). Not that the bike is of any importance... They have to find out the impact on Carol first. Maybe her and Morgan should have a good talk ?!