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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12


So we start this episode with Carol starts collegting ingredients for baking. Quite nice to see this side of Carol. As we don't see it much / only a short part of this side. She seams to make lunches for everyone now-a-days. All be it just cookies. Then Rick and the others arrives. With a clear message: we have to fight. Now in the comics Rick and Jesus go back and fourth quite a lot before it comes to this. But in the series they seem to rush this part. For the good ? Carol asks Rick even what is going on, then Morgan comes from behind and asks her why she never told Rick about the Wolf incident. Or mentioned it towards Rosita and the rest that were there. Carol commands him almost to forget about it. Let it rest. While she put the cookies besides Sam's grafe.

After the intro we are witness of the meeting Rick gathered with all the people from Alexandria including his own group. He explains what the deal with the Hilltop is / what they want for it in return. He makes it very clear that it may be only way to stay safe (to eleminate the Saviors). And makes it even a group decision, so everyone can give there view on it, when they feel like it. Morgan has doubts about it: are you sure we can do it ? Beat them ?! Morgan suggest they talk to the Saviors first. Rick hears him out but finds it dumb at the same time. Aaron stands up and agrees with Rick. It should not happen again, like with the Wolfes happened. Rick makes clear that not everyone has to come along on the killing spree. But the people staying behind in Alexandria have to accept it (as they have got there chance to vote against it during this meeting). During the night we see Carol keeping a notebook with her of how much she killed (appearently). During Terminus, during the prison, and so on... She seems to get quite social with Tobin. All the rest seem to discuss who should go with Rick to fight and who shouldn't go. Tobin and Carol then kiss. We then cut towards Arbaham and Rosita. Abraham is packing his stuff, he leaves Rosita. Rosita gets mad at him, cause he doesn't give a reason why he is leaving. (So he chooses Sascha very clearly). Eugene is standing behind her, but she doesn't feel like it and smacks the door in his face. Meanwhile the one guy from the Hilltop (Aiden) is drawing the compound of Negan/the Saviors as he remembers. Negan wants Gregory's head. And Rick seems to be willing to give it to them, so the compound will open the gate for them. Instead of smashing it in. Rick goes with the group on the hunt for a walker head. Gabriel even joins the group on the hunt. Rosita and Carol talk about why they didn't stop or rat Morgan out for what he believes.

Rick goes over the plan once more. When that's done Carol asks Rick why Maggie is with them with the baby inside her and all. Well it's her idear somehow. And she wanted to come. And she remains away from the compound, the rest goes in. Carol wants to stay with Maggie, Rick agrees after the necessary thoughts. Meanwhile Jesus has three heads who qualify for Gregory's. The nose is a bit off, so Rick corrects that by beating the head. Aiden finds it scary and claims that Negan might be scary but he gots nothing on you (at Rick). Aiden is the one that drives to the Saviors and confirms that Gregory has lost his head ;) The trade seems to go good, so one of the guards get the hostage from the Hilltop. Daryl slits the throat of the one guard that remains on the outside. Once the other one is outside with the hostage Michonne stabs that guard as well. It seems very small (in comparison to the comics version of the camp from Negan. Is it just an outpost maybe ? Who will tell). Rick takes one out, Glenn and Heath take out two more, altough it seems Heath can't do it. They see images on the wall of smashed skulls. They all seem to be of normal people instead of walkers.

Meanwhile outside Tara, Gabriel and the three from the Hilltop: Jesus, Aiden and the Hostage are waiting outside / on watch. Tara confesses towards (still a priest) Gabriel that she told Dr. Denise a lie. That she actually was not sure if she would like/feel that way for Dr. Denise. Jesus interferes: do you love her ? Yes reply's Tara. Inside Abraham and Sascha are doing the check on rooms. When Sascha is lock-picking a locked door Abraham gets a cut in his arm from a guard on patrol, aware of there presence it seems. Sascha stabs him but too late, so the guard sounds the alarm. Carol and Maggie also hear the alarm at the 2nd perimiter. Carol orders Maggie to stay put. At the first Perimiter Tara almost decides on her own to go back to the hilltop with the three passengers (wink wink). But Jesus tells Aiden to drive the hostage of them back. Gabriel, Jesus and Tara remain on side. Inside the fire fight has gone loose. Rick, Daryl and Michonne are forming one group. Aaron takes cover in one of the rooms where he finds and stabs another guard. Rosita comes to his rescue. Meanwhile Heath and Glenn are a real rambo team and found the Armory. Even with the door shot they fire through the door to kill the guards that went after them. One is still alive but Jesus has came to the rescue (quite akward with such a name). Outside Gabriel shot his first victim. While the guard tells him that blood is coming and that he is just as dead as him. When the morning falls it seems they have cleared the whole building. Glenn asks if Heath wants to come back to Alexandria with them before he goes out on the road with Tara for there two-week adventure/hunt for supplies. But Heath just wants to leave the building. So Tara goes with him for the journey. In between the shots we see Morgan at Alexandria building, what seems to be, a prison. Then at the end Michonne wanders which one of them was Neagan and they see someone leaving the scene on a bike. Rosita shots him of the bike and Daryl runs towards him. Daryl remembers the bike. Rick puts a gun at the guard trying to leave as he hears: lower the gun prick. The girl talking through the walkie talkie have Carol and Maggie.

So was Neagan amongst the guards ? Who is it on the other side. Where did they got the bike from, that belonged to Daryl ?? And how did they get Maggie and Carol ? What will happen next ? Curious as hell ! This is a bit different from the comics for sure. And I know that because I read a bit further last weekend, into the season. Up to issue 116.