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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11

...SPOILERS AHEAD, FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN"T SEE THIS EPISODE YET... I was a bit wrong last time Jesus is part of the Hilltop, so he comes upfront of the Hilltop. As we've seen this episode...
One of the 3 teasers / trailers from last week, after episode 10 ended, featured Sascha and Abraham. This episode starts of with the both of them. But we now know that it was a dream-like thing. And that Abraham is actually still together with Rosita. Once she goes for a shower Abraham thinks back at Sascha / there patrol together. With still Rosita's neck-piece in hand. We then cut to the other teaser / trailer of Maggie and Glenn. Maggie is making sure the plant-fields are proper made (still working on them during the night). We now see more clearly that it's Abraham and Dr. Denise who are entering the building after they hear from inside. In Rick's / Michonne's house Jesus is on the staircase waiting for Rick. And Carl suprises him with a gun to his head. All of the people are rounded up in the house. With Rick still half-undressed. Appearently Jesus made quite a noise being in the house. Almost everyone of the group is there so they gather around to what Jesus has to say. How he got free from the handcuffs. Jesus offers a trade with his camp (a day driving from Alexandria). Maggie makes a fair point as Jesus said they are looking at other settlements. "There are more groups like this ?". "You're world is going to be a lot bigger" Jesus reply's. (There is still something about Jesus I don't thrust, even with the knowledge I have about him from the comics).

After the intro we see the group making preparations to escort Jesus to his camp. Daryl is getting something to eat from Dr. Denise. Rick meanwhile tells Carl about him and Michonne (which JUST happened). Carl is OK with it, but he wants to stay back at camp. (When Rick makes clear he actually want Gabriel to watch over Judith). So Carl takes car of Judith instead. There is quite a big group going with Jesus: Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie and Michonne. All of them in the RV. While Abraham makes certain/asks if Glenn will stay with the kid he and Maggie expect. When they are on the road they are witnesses of a crash that seems to have taken place a couple of minutes before. Jesus seems to know it, it's one of there trucks. Rick reminds Jesus that if he plays anymore tricks he's DEAD. Jesus points out the people of his camp aren't fighters. Maggie stays with Jesus outside, and is granted permission to shoot him if Rick is giving the sign. They enter the house. They find two of Jesus's people quite quickly. Glenn and Daryl find the other one. Still one left who seems to be wounded. Abraham finds that guy and almost stabs him. So they now have for people on board from camp 'Jesus'. One of them is there Dr. who seems able to help Maggie and Glenn with there baby as far as it is necessary. Then the RV gets stuck in the mud. Jesus points out to them "no worries, we're here. that's us, the Hilltop". Once at the gate there is brief moment of hostile-behaviour. But Jesus let's Rick's group hold there guns with them. But asks there thrust into this camp. We then see the Hilltop in full glory. One main house and a couple of market-stand (it seems) and mobile homes. The main house as Jesus tells was a museum who got visited by all the schools in a 50 miles radius. And so a couple of people figured out it would still remain running even in the modern world. They meet the head of the camp: Gregory. Rick wants to talk straight away but Gregory insits they are getting cleaned up first. Rick insists that Maggie clean's up first and talks to Gregory, "I shouldn't talk to him, you are going to start doing these things". And so Maggie does. Gregory becomes quite rude quite quickly. He understand from Jesus that they don't have food, and the Hilltop does. So they want to help out on that field of need. But it seems that Gregory is not willing to trade bullets for medicine. It seems they are positive that the walls will hold so they don't need guns, only hand-combat weapons. Jesus promises that they will work this out.

Then suddenly there is a lot of arguement at the gate. Gregory talks to one of the men that came back. The rest is dead. Courtesy of Neagan it seems. It seems they even trade with Neagan, and it wasn't enough. Neagan has someone still as a hostage. Gregory's men who came back stabs him infront of everyone (as a message from Neagan). Rick's group comes into action. He seems to be the brother of the one they are keeping hostage but fights are starting and Abraham and Daryl are also tangled up into it. Once Michonne orders to let go of Rick, Rick stabs him in the neck. All of the people stills seems to be on the side of the man that Rick just killed. When a woman hits Rick, Michonne comes between all of them. Jesus comes between the two sides. Abraham was almost knocked down when he gets up he loses the neckless from Rosita. Gregory is out of life-danger. Jesus explains to Rick's group that Neagan (who Abraham, Sascha and Daryl already came across in small-crowd) is the leader of what he calls The Saviors. They made demands to the Hilltop when the walls were just build around the camp. And Neagan immidiatly killed a youngster (16 years old). He beaten the kid to death. The deal with Neagan is the half of everything from the Hilltop for the Saviors. They confront Jesus that a month ago they blew up a piece of Neagan's group. Rick, Daryl and Abraham are making it clear to Jesus that they will confront towards Neagan. And that they can handle confrontation very well.

Once Gregory is fit to discuss it he wants to talk to Maggie again. Jesus points out to Maggie that Gregory can be a real prick (no shit she already knows). Rick states that Dianne was right about Maggie, she SHOULD be the one to talk to him. Maggie makes it very clear what they can do for the Hilltop and what they want from the Hilltop in return. But makes a very strong demand: half of it. She saw the result of Neagan's demand. And says he will asks more and more every time. They are loading the stuff Maggie agreed on with Neagan (half of everything or the deal is off). Meanwhile Rick talks to the guy who took most of the time the stuff to Neagan. Rick's want to know stuff about Neagan's compound. So they can give the people of the Hilltop there ONE guy back. He agrees to come with Rick's group so he can give them Intel / come along towards Neagan when they attack him. Jesus is also coming along as his knifes are still at Alexandria. Maggie's other demand was that there Dr. would look up how there baby is. With the picture of the baby they return with the rest towards Alexandria.

So what will happen next ? The title Knots Untie is not spoken out but refers to Jesus o'course who came loose of his 'cuffs. Not Tomorrow Yet is the next episode. The discription states: "Rick and the group realize the only way to maintain the peace of Alexandria is to fight a new enemy. This time, though, our group might be outmatched". Greg Nicotero is Directing the episode just like No Way Out. So it seems we are up for good stuff. But still, the last episode is on the 3rd of April (my birthday b.t.w.). So from here onwards 5 episodes left. What kind of Intel will they get. With the trade with the Hilltop goes smooth after this ? It's something I haven't read-up on in the comics. This is kind of where I am at right now with reading the comics. So I can't guess at all.