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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10

So last episode left us with Carl waking up from the operation on his eye. This week it seems we have some time-skip. There is a secondary wall around the infield. And Carl is already on photo with Judith in his arms, incl. eye-patch. Rick and Daryl are getting ready to get some supplies. And Dr. Denise wants Daryl to bring a suprise bottle for Tara when she goes on her trip with Heath. We by the way see something spark between Rick and Michonne it seems. (O'course they do have a connection already but it seems to get stronger and stronger). While "More then a feeling" is playing in the background... At the gate Eugene holds up Rick and Daryl with a map he drew out for them. You see them look: What the hell did he use this morning (a beer perhaps). As they leave the gate Rick pumps up the sound system. While Daryl dislike it.

Once on the road they find a barn with the text: SORGHUM. Inside a truck full with food and stuff. So is it on purpose there or what ? They get on the road with the truck. And stop at an abandoned gas-station. Once there they top-over a soda machine. But during this one guy is suprising them from behind. Once the guns are pointed he backs off. He lets them now a group of walkers is coming towards there. And asks if they get a camp. They reply negative to it. And says something about a Next World (the episode title). (The guy is called Jesus). Once Jesus runs off they hear noises in the back alley. It are fire-crackers and Jesus stole the keys from the truck. Back at Alexandria we see Michonne on watch. She sees somebody going into the woods, and needs to check it out. It appears to be Spencer. He doesn't answer the question of Michonne when she sees his shovel and gun. In the middle of the woods on his own. Michonne follows Spencer. Meanwhile Maggie wants Enid to make her self a bit more usefull it seems. Enid seems quite far away in her mind. Later we see her and Carl going into the woods. Suddenly Enid asks something she could ask herself a while back: Why are we coming out here. We cut back to Rick and Daryl who finds the soda machine on the road. At least they now have the request Dr. Denise made. Further down the road they see Jesus has stopped, as it seems for a flat tire. They go through the woods around him to suprise him back. Jesus does put up a fight. And thinks Rick and Daryl don't have a loaded gun. But Rick is making it clear it's DONE. They tie him up and leave with the truck again. But it seems that Jesus is still in a good mood, so what did he do to it ? Or did he gave a sign to his people, if he has any ?? Back in the woods Enid and Carl see Spencer and Michonne walking by. Enid realises that she doesn't want to come into the woods. (It seems it's a chapter closed down for her, that she randomly goes away and returns afterwards). Carl lures a walker towards them, Enid has enough of it - and goes back.

Once at a barn they hear something up top of the truck. It seems Jesus did get onto the truck (on the roof) none the less. When they are hunting him down, a couple of walkers are getting loose. Rick is taking them down. While Daryl is in pursuit of Jesus (that line sounds funny). Jesus is back behind the wheel of the truck. And struggles with Daryl. As we see one of the walkers get up behind. Jesus kills the walker by letting Daryl duck, but with Daryl's gun. While struggling the truck goes towards the water with both of them inside. They jump out in time but Jesus gets knocked down by the wheel of the truck. And the truck goes into the water / down under. Back in the woods we see Michonne still on Spencer's neck (not literraly). While Spencer is saying Michonne can't help him with things he got to do. Michonne sees Carl, soon followed by Dianne as a walker. Michonne holds her while Spencer is getting tough enough to puts his own mother down. They put her in the ground afterwards. We then cut back to Rick with Jesus and Daryl on the backseat of a Jeep. They get back to the camp where they put Jesus in the infirmary/jail with Dr. Denise and Tara. Rick puts a note in front of Jesus, for when he wakes up (unreadable what it says tough).

We end of the episode with neither Rick and Michonne talking about how there day was. But they DO end up falling in love. And making out. (1-1 for Michonne vs. Rick). The next shot it them in bed. With very little clothing. But then suddenly Jesus is awake and in front of them while Rick and Michonne aren't dressed. (How did they film that without shame ?). So what is that Jesus is and want ? Personally I don't have read the comics till so far. And it's kind off mixed up with the comics because Jesus comes after the hilltop (for the people who knows what I am talking about).