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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 9

So the 6th season from The Walking Dead is finally on the road again. We start with episode 9. How will the group survive the overrun Alexandria Safe Zone ? And what will happen to Daryl, Sascha and Abraham ? Who are ordered by Negan's man to hand over all there stuff ? What can Enid and Glenn do from the outskirts of the Safe Zone ? And what is that one Wolf trying to do with the Doctor ? Does he really think he can survive ?

So we start the episode with the 3 on the road (Daryl, Sascha and Abraham). They must hand over there side-arms and even then Negan's man want more. In the proces Abraham is the wise-ass who can't keep his mouth closed. Which makes them almost dead. They don't like questions being asked, they are asking the questions. But Sascha is saving his ass again. But when Negan's group is reconsidering still shooting them, they get blown away. Daryl was the smart-ass to take down the single Negan guy who wanted to go through the whole truck for goods. And blown them up with the RPG, that Abraham found in the last episode. (Great opening for the 2nd part of the Season).

After the intro credits we see Rick's group making it to the lake inside Alexandria. Rick changes the plan so they can drive of for a brief moment. Re-think tactics and then circle back to clear out the walkers. Gabriel is offering his help to take Judith with him inside the church. Where he knows how to protect people (altough we've seen otherwise in Season 5). Rick agrees, Jessie wants to get Sam save as well with Gabriel. But Sam insists that he can go on. The only one not so confident about all of this seems to be Michonne. (Ron is also one we still need to keep an eye on). We then get to the Morgan vs. Carol house. Tara and Rosita have an argue weather to go after the Wolf or stay put a bit longer so they can think it through. Carol is arleady up her feet again. Morgan is waking up slowly. Carol is going to sweep the rest of the surroundings. When Morgan follows her, she confesses that she wanted to kill Morgan. Who just saved the Wolf for his sake, not for saving lives. We then she a slight time-shift back towards last episode mixed into this one. Where Enid and Glenn entering the church. And the Wolf and the Dr. still on there way out from inside the Safe Zone.

Night falls, Rick's group is still walking through the Safe Zone. Sam is suddenly hearing Carol in his head. And with that also sees a litlle walker roaming down the streets. He freaks out. And gets bitten by two walkers when he starts to cry. Jessie reacts in screaming, but that only attracts more. And Jessie gets bit in the proces as well. Rick and Carl can't take this, Rick even more then Carl. It brings back Rick in the same state he was after loosing Lori, it seems. Carl looses his gun when Rick is cutting Carl loose from Jessie. Ron picks up the gun and point it at them. Michonne can take him down with the Katana. But he does fire one shot, Which hit Carl's eye (straight from the comics for the people who know). And drops down when realizing it. Quite a heavy something considering this the start of the 2nd part of the season. Meanwhile the Wolf is bit by a walker when he and the Dr. want to get over the wall. The Dr. can confince him to get to the infirmary. When they are going through another house towards the infirmary Carol shoots from above, and kills the Wolf. Dr. can go to the infirmary. In there we see Heath, Spencer and Aaron. Aaron sees Rick and Michonne hacking through the crowd with Carl in the arms of Rick. They make it to the Dr. Rick is clearly not taking it well. How could he. Where Jessie is still alive in the comics (not for long) it now suddenly slips away from him. With that said all the walkers are being attracted towards the gun shot of Ron and also to the infirmary. Rick goes for a rage 'party' and goes outside to hack some walkers into pieces. Aaron says to Heath and Spencer that they should help him. Spencer is slightly anxious. Heath on the other hand wants to fight. They all go out to assist Rick even Michonne. While the Dr. is trying everything to save Carl. More and more other Alexandrian's sees the fight outside. Including Eric and Olivia. Which are also helping with hand-weapons. They are luring them away. Meanwhile Gabriel is in the church with Judith and other afraid being citizens. Tobin asks Gabriel what he wants to do. There is a line about God/believe: God gives us the faith to save Alexandria ourselfs. The Carol/Morgan house is also going out to help. The one that Morgan knocks out is another Wolf. (And so he gets confronted with his way of life. That this new way of life is also not the right one, not anymore at least).

Meanwhile Glenn and Enid are at Maggie's outpost. Which is almost collapsing because of the walkers beneath her. Enid makes it to Maggie but they almost see Glenn are getting overwelmed by the walkers. Almost I say because Sascha and Abraham are in time with there assault rifles. Free-ing up Glenn. Abraham jokes a bit 'can you open up the gate ? appreciate it pall !'. Maggie and Enid are getting helped by Sascha and Abraham, unto the truck. Daryl parks his truck near the lake. He lets the lake run full with fuel and hits it with the RPG, the fire attracts the walkers. Which is just in time because Rick's group was almost with there back against the outside-wall. It's a great ending to a great start of the 2nd half. (I wanted to see this in the mid-season finale). You see a lot of up-close shots of every survivor in action non-Alexandrian (being Rick's group) and Alexandrians.
The next morning everything is calm again. Rick confesses to Carl, who is still asleep after the operation, that he now sees what Dianne was trying to tell him lately. What the Alexandrians can do. He talks about a feeling he hasn't feld since the day before he woke up from the Hospital (in Season 1). He wants to show the New World to Carl. With these words we see Carl waking up again but the episode ends. (Quite a long piece to write about this episode hopefully this is different for the rest of the season (until the Season-finale)).