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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 8


So kind of a weird opening to this weeks episode / mid-season final. We see Sam who seems to have gathered some ant-friends towards a Cookie from his mother. (Not made by Carol, so not as good ?) But he is also still in his own childhood world. While the rest of Alexandria is falling down... After the regular intro we cut back to last weeks episode when the watch tower was starting to fall down. And we now see from a different angle. Quite soon after the wall is destroyed on that section the walkers are coming in. We see Rick warning everyone. We see Ron behind Carl who still has his gun pulled. (Now you can show us Ron, what you have learned). Tobin who fell because of the tower is picked up by Tara and Rosita while Eugene is just standing there. Dianne is mixed in the fight as well. And shoots some bullets, but can't hit straight. We then see Morgan running together with Carol. But Carol trips. Over bullets Ron lost along the way. And so it seems that every Alexandrian citizen is doing something to make life harder on everyone. We also see Maggie running for her life. Quite tensious moment where she is just making it as the ladder is falling down. We then see Eugene in the middle of walkers. Finding a walkie-talkie, it is Eugene who says help... Then we see Gabriel, Rick, Ron, Michonne, Carl, Dianne... Jessie is the one that keeps them free of walkers, just when they are about to be closed in by them. She immediatly says she has Judith inside. Everyone is split up by this event. On the outside we see Glenn and Enid watching the whole thing going down. Glenn gives her the speech we have seen in last weeks trailer. We cut back to the Jessie home. Where Sam seems to be completely unaware of his being/life. We then see Carol and Morgan, Carol stating that she thrust some people better then others. But Morgan is in last position on that list. Downstairs the main/sole Wolf and Dr. Denise are waiting for Morgan. Dr. Denise is clearly not feeling comfortable. As the main Wolf is talking dark/negative about the whole world. He shows her the wound he has since he cut himself on a car or something. The Wolf has a weird look on his face, when Dr. Denise is pulling out her medic-gear.

We then cut back to the Jessie-home. Where Michonne discovers a bite mark on Dianne. While Rick is concerned about her eitherway. Dianne simply reacts: Well shit ! Rick talks to Jessie about the plan to lure the walkers away. We then see Carl following Ron, who is completely depressed. Ron talks about everyone being dead. And so he says: your dead to. Ron goes completely psycho. Rick and Jessie come to the rescue but the door is closed. Walkers got attracked by the noise and are storming through the fences of the house. They get away soon after because Rick's Axe is strong enough to slam the door down. Ron is still able to get his gun. Carl weirdly covers for Ron. Jessie seem to have heared shouting / the two fighting. Carl gives an OK to Rick, but is it ?! Carl goes after Ron and closes the door. Ron all apologies-rambling and stuff. Carl points a gun at him, so Ron gives him back the gun he got from Rick. All goes well, while the tense music claims otherwise. Rick then hears Judith scream and walks upstairs. Dianne is gone from the bed. He gets anxious and almost wants to slash Dianne's(-walker ?) head. But then sees that Dianne is still herself. Dianne is soon after calm and gives Rick a note for Maggie and for Spencer. Dianne wants to know if he is going to look out for Spencer the same way as for his own people. Dianne confronts him, that they all are his people (now eitherway). She re-insures: You are one of us. He then hears Jessie shouting. We then move towards Rosita, Tara and Eugene. Rosita is clearly thinking that this is the end. And that Abraham is not alive anymore. Tara confinces her otherwise. Eugene is lockpicking the door. (It seems that the room next door is the one were the Wolf is, on top you have Morgan and Carol). When Morgan puts his staff along side the wall and looks down the lights turn off and his staff and Carol are gone from the spot she was just in. Carol knocks Morgan down in suprise and gets down to the basement. Carol finds the Wolf as Morgan confronts her this could have wait. Now it no longer can't. In the Jessie-home we see all of them drawn to the top floor, because the doors are knocked down. Rick wants to do the gut-trick again. As Gabriel, Jessie and Ron look in fear. Michonne looks after Dianne one more time. As Dianne wants to pull the trigger on herself when she is turning. As she speaks out the title: Start to Finish. And: Some day this will be usefull to you (the Latin phrase Dianne also wrote down on the plans for Alexandria (after all of this)).

(On to the last 10-tense minutes) We cut back to the fight between Carol and Morgan. As Morgan thinks he is clever to smash her knife out of Carol's hand. Morgan does get the upperhand tough and smashes her to the ground. As the Wolf hits Morgan with his own staff. Dr. Denise wants to brake them apart but the Wolf has grabbed a knife already. As he comes near Dr. Denise. Tara, Rosita and Eugene gets there and he is holding Dr. Denise hostage. He is forcing them to hand over there weapons and he gets outside with Dr. Denise. Meanwhile Jessie's home is getting ready to get out. Covered in guts and Carl has Judith underneath his blanket. Dianne is opening her door as she hears more and more walkers. And Glenn/Enid finally climb across the wall and on the other side he sees Maggie. Once Rick and the others are outside you hear/see Sam calling out: Mom. And then the episode fades out.

So I went on YouTube to find a trailer. And there we see Daryl, Sascha and Abraham getting ambushed by bikers. They are not allowed to go further. They want all of there weapons and such and say it now belongs to Negan... So besides that I couldn't find much. So what will happen to Rick 's part of the group ? Is Tara going after Dr. Denise ? Is Glenn able to get towards Maggie ? Will Enid decide for Carl or Ron ? Will Ron take his own life ? It is not such a cliff hanger as normal with mid-seasons on The Walking Dead. But it will do I guess. Till February people...