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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 7


We see a small recap, Rick coming back from the RV, the people of Alexandria getting a speech. Carl in fight with Ron. Maggie and Aaron stop there attempt to get out of Alexandria without the pile of walkers knowing it. And we see the fact that Morgan had some struggle with one of the Wolves and keeps him captive. We then hear a phrase from Morgan (?): You have to protect everyone to create peace ! (Well that ain't right). We start this second to last episode with the Glenn and Nicholas piece. Most of you already knew Glenn would be alive. And some disagreed with that for what they knew. We can now deff. see that the walkers put there hands in Nicholas. Glenn manages to get under the dumpster. (As many of you already told online). But there he is also not safe because of the walkers reaching out for him under the dumpster. We see the whole time-lapse so to speak. From more and more walkers walking away from the scene as Nicholas has been eaten to bits. And Glenn is disappeared under the dumpster. We then cut to the here and now bit. Glenn comes clear of the dumpster, and sees the flare-gun destroyed. We then suddenly see Enid who's on the roof of the building next to the dumpster. Glenn goes inside the building. Glenn asks her a couple of questions. But she is somewhere else in the building and suddenly runs off. Glenn sees her going in to one direction. As he goes into the other direction. (Then the intro kicks in).

We cut back to Alexandria. Were Rick inspects the wall of Alexandria. He goes to Maggie, who is on watch. He re-assures her that they all have been through worse. They will return. Rick says they should not wait for them to clear the walkers away from the walls. Maggie then mentions to Rick about Judith starting to look like Lorie. Glenn meanwhile is still in the town where they were stuck and finds one of the Alexandrian people who left a note for his wife. Glenn finds the note, and takes it with him. We cut back to Alexandria were Gabriel is putting up signs for a prayer-circle. Quite odd somehow to pray for people that are still alive. But Gabriel is a bit weird in my oppinion. Ricks comes by and removes them instantly. Carl reacts to it. Ron keeps his mouth shut. And Gabriel re-posting them (he has a bunch of them). Rick learns Ron a bit more about shooting. Ron desprately wants to shoot with life rounds. But the walkers are still in the area offcourse. You see Carl thinkin, what if... (We did 'see' rivalry between Morgan and Rick in the season 6 trailer, but they better could show us this in that trailer. You do notice/sense it). Morgan and Rick finally have there talk, since Morgan has come to the safe zone. Rick mentions the RV bit when the walkers went away from the main road, onwards to Alexandria. And that Rick saw the Wolves. Carol is sitting on the table as well. Asking Morgan if he let the Wolves go. (Michonne is also there). Morgan tries to see it clear, should he killed Rick back in Season 3 ? Shouldn't he but then maybe Daryl would or wouldn't be alive (including Aaron). He confesses that he doesn't know what is right or what is wrong. Morgan senses that they reconsider him being at Alexandria. Cause he wants to spare life, as he learned from the 'tai chi guy'. We see the watch tower of Alexandria slowly breaking up, will that be the breakpoint of the wall ? That everything comes back inside ?! Rick and Michonne discuss the wall vs. walker problem. Rick wants to lure the walkers away with there people not with the people of Alexandria. Michonne disapproves of that. She thinks that everyone can help. Rick finally agrees with it, Michonne's way. Dianne comes in between and knows there are other things more important right now. But she has finalised the plans for planting fruits and such.

Rosita meanwhile is teaching some including Eugene how to handle blades, for the silenced kill. Rosita is quite hard on him. And is quite a b**c*. Eugene walks away. We cut back to Enid as she still draws JSS on things (Just Survive Somehow). Glenn approaches her from the back. When she wants to go outside one of the buildings (but she sees alot of walkers). When she doesn't want to listen to Glenn and doesn't want to go back. She pulls a gun on Glenn. But Glenn sees a opportunity to grab the gun. Glenn then says something wise: You point a gun at me, and I'm the asshole ?! She still doesn't want to. But they do leave towards Alexandria when Glenn mentions the herde that is on route to Alexandria. (Offcourse the herde is already there, but Glenn (and Enid) don't know that). Back at Alexandria Rick reinforces the wall and Tobin comes along and help. Tobin explains a bit about how they saw Rick coming inside the group of Alexandria. And how it speeded up the life around here. How things have gone a bit too fast, he re-assures Rick not give up on the people of Alexandria. Meanwhile Glenn and Enid are on there way back and coming past the balloons. Enid wants to re-use them as a distraction of the walkers. So they find a couple of more (non-used) and also a helium tank. (At Alexandria Ron distracts Olivia at the supply house. So he can enter the armory. Quite a hasty scene, as also someone enters the supply house through the other entrance). Once they are near Alexandria they hear / see the walkers. The whole place is surrounded. Enid wants to turn back away from Alexandria but Glenn finally gets a grip on her. We then see Spencer going across the wall to the other homes outside the walls on his own on a small cable. Rick and Tobin see this. Tara and Eugene are also aware of the scene. As Spencer looses his grip. Tara fires a couple of rounds to get Spencer back inside the walls. Meanwhile Rick tries to pull him back up. Michonne and Morgan also coming to the scene. When he is finally inside Rick gives a burnout to Tara: you already almost died once for these people, what the hell are you doing ? Tara gives him the finger as Michonne stands next to her. We see Morgan at Dr. Denise place. He seems to want to take care of the head-wolf that is still captive. He is thrusting her into the secret. Carol sees it happening from Rick's House. As she decides to follow them (with Judith in her arms). When she knows where they are going in, she heads back to get the keys. But meanwhile stopping at Jessie to drop Judith off, Sam notices this. Once Carol want to enter the captive room, Morgan is just heading to the door, to get out. The tension is building up. We see Ron walking up behind Carl. Tara meanwhile is on the lookout for Denise. Dianne is thanking Tara and Rick for saving Spencer from doing something stupid. Then in the middle of it all we see the balloons from Enid and Glenn. But then the watch tower collapses inward. And wall comes down with it.

So what will happen now ? Will Glenn and Enid decide to help or stay put. Will everyone run inside there homes ? Will Morgan, Carol and Dr. Denise have fight over the only Wolf left ? Will Sascha, Abraham and Daryl come back in time during the next episode ? So Abraham can fire the RPG on the herde of walkers ? Will Ron decide to kill some walkers, or will Carl be the practice-target ? Will Enid have a deciding thing in this. Also will Spencer and Tobin eventually die during the next episode ? Both of them had a fair amount of air-time during the last couple of episodes. Or are they becoming regulars next season ? What will Rick decide once he knows about what Morgan is doing ? And how will the group look up to Rick after this. Because some of the main group are sensing stuff that they don't like. But others are still behind him. Will Dianne get back in charge once more. Surely Morgan won't get the lead, cause then everyone will be dead... (More or less).