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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 6

So quite a quick intro. We see some flashback moments. And then we see Sascha, Abraham and Daryl going of the main road. So they can circle back towards Alexandria. But once they do they are under quite some heavy fire. Daryl goes down for a short moment. And can eventually escape the attackers. Sascha and Abraham are not so lucky and there car is through a fence. But they can attack there pursuit-attackers. Unfortantly Abraham won't get the fun to finish them off or even look at them because of walkers in the area. Daryl meanwhile is in a bit of forest that is completely burned down and beside him a motor-bike walker, also burned several degrees... After the into we see that Daryl no longer can hold his bike up. And he has been shot at several places/wounded. He then gets triggered by a noise. 2 girls and later 1 guy that knocks him down. Only one piece of sentance: they earned what they took... Appearently they were in conflict with the attackers from Sascha, Abraham and Daryl ?! The next day Daryl and his new 'party' are leaving. Appearently they think that Daryl is one of the attackers and they want to trade him for something or someone else. Once they are back at the spot were they are coming from (appearently a fuel-company) they see a lot of walkers. One of the girls is fading away and so Daryl can makes his escape / has the back with stuff. The guy shoots at him, but Daryl is long gone. Daryl gets one walker with him and gets his bow. But then he also sees Insulin, something one of the girls appearently need.

We cut back towards Abraham and Sascha. They came to the spot were Daryl got shotted/wounded. But did manage to get back on his bike. They go in to the town. Sascha writes something on a door: DIXON. (Daryl's last name). They go inside the building, clearing it out. One of the white boards is saying: Proud to have provided value. I pray for the world. Keep going. Stay Cheerful. Signed by: The bite kill. It's quite clear on camera, but what does it mean ? Sascha and Abraham have a conversation. And then Sascha says in somwhere in a sentace: you are accountable for them. (The title from the episode: always accountable). We move back to Daryl after that. He went back to search for his new 'party'. And forces the guy to drop the weapon. Once he left the bag with them and is on the point of leaving them there is a truck coming right through the woods. There is a particular group that doesn't want them there. Daryl desides to help the 'party'. And he sees more and more armed people coming for them. Daryl leads one of the armed men towards a walker, so he gets bit. The men calls for Wade. Wade comes to the rescue appearently and slashes of the arm of the bitten men. His 'party' comes clean when Wade and the others run away. They thought Daryl was one of them.

We then see Abraham going through the building again. Clearing out the rest. At one of the exit windows / rooftop he sees a soldier-walker on a fence in mid-air with a RPG on his back, loaded. But he first looks at a RPG case full of RPG rockets. He also finds some sigars in a wooden-box. The only stupid move he does is that he puts his assault rifle down as he goes to the walker in mid-air. As he strugles to get the RPG from the walker he decides that he can't reach it. He sits back for a while as the walker falls away from the fence, down onto the street and the RPG still hanging on the fence. Once back in the room with Sascha he tries to hit on her it seems. We then cut back towards Daryl. One of the girls is walking towards lost survivors / now walkers they knew. But she trips and the walkers get free / bite her. When they dig the grave Daryl asks the guy the Rick questions: how many walkers / people killed and why... When Daryl takes them back to the bike the guy and the one girl that is left want to take the bike. And are pulling a gun on Daryl again. They say sorry. And Daryl replies: you are gonna be. They have his crossbow and only left some bandages so he can patch himself up. He finds a gas-truck covered in trees. And kills the walker behind the wheel of it. And then manages to get back towards the town. And finds the building with DIXON on the door. On the way back Daryl tries the walkie-talkie. And gets a HELP from someone. Glenn ?

The only teaser from next weeks episode that I could find showed us Rick and the rest of Alexandria on the edge of awareness. And one person outside the walls of Alexandria with only one hand-gun. So not much to go on with that... I did manage to find a trailer as well. But that only has a one liner between Rick and Morgan that they should have a talk and Rick sees walker blood coming through the walls. Oh well 2 episodes left this year.