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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 5

So we start the episode with a short re-cap of the season till so far, quite nice because we have only seen Morgan last week. After that we see more or less the same as in the teaser: Dianne climbing one of the outpost. And watches the rest cleaning the place up. And Michonne confronting Maggie about the situation with Glenn. We then see the extension from it, when Rick orders to open the gate. Dianne turns towards 'the shout'. And sees a lot of walkers heading for the walls of Alexandria. (So still according to the comic book then ? It seems that way). Rick makes it to the gate that Michonne opens. And we see a glimpse of Morgan as well. You just see Dianne collapsing under the situation. In minutes you see a huge pile up at all the walls surrounding Alexandria. Rick re-assures that the walls will remain standing. But he asks if the people inside will hold. But he still thinks that Nicholas and Glenn are coming back as well. (He just doesn't know yet, he has just came back him self). Then a view of the Alexandria people don't feel like Rick can do it (it seems). Aaron steps in, and gets Rick's back on it. We see one of the kids getting for his knife, facing Carl. (Also seen in the trailer). Aaron takes full-blame because of the loss of his back-pack at the site of the Wolves. Which does seems to be the case. (Eventually the Wolves would have found Alexandria eitherway I guess). Meanwhile at the supply house everyone over-runs the house basicly, don't want to wait and share the food. And bring it to a minumum use of the supply's. Dianne is just standing there while Olivia is over-ruled by the others. But then Spencer bounces in. Ordering the ego's to stop. And questioning them where they were. Instead of pointing towards others. Meanwhile other people are keeping a track of all the people that have been lost recently. It is a confronting thing. Even for Aaron, as he walks by. Even Glenn's name is on the wall. Aaron sees Maggie gearing up. And he won't let her leave alone. So he's going to help her.

Meanwhile at Dianne's place we see her drasticly changing the internal use of the space at Alexandria. Thinking about/making a plan to plant crops/harvest them when ready. Something Maggie (and Rick) talked to her about already. We see her put a phrase beneath it. In a weird language: Dolor mic (or hic) tibi proderit olim. She then catches her son while he has came back from the supply house. With a bunce of stuff he told the rest to let it leave on the spot. So he basicly took, what these people wanted to take with them. He confronts his mother that the people were actually right... He actually accuses her that every death (especially Aiden and Reg) is on her. She puts everything back in the crate. We see Carl and Ron in a 'battle'. Ron clearly doesn't want Carl mixed in everything that is about Enid. He says he saves Carl just like he did to him. (But hell no, that isn't the case). Dr. Denise has a break down meanwhile as she doesn't know what to do with Scott, who is still a sleep. Tara walks in, motivating her. Outside she gets back to reality because Jessie needs to take down one of there own (who cuts her wrist). "If we don't fight, we die". Aaron has lead Maggie to an old sewer entrance. And he still wants to join Maggie on her trip. Once in the sewers they get suprised by two walkers that seem to be fully without a body structure. They both struggle to get free. Dr. Denise meanwhile finds a cure to get Scott stabelized. She walks up to Tara, and while she asks her how he is. The Dr. kisses her. Ron confronts Rick about Carl. (Pretending to be a wise-ass). He wants to learn shooting, and get Rick's empty revolver to practice on the walkers that are surrounding the area. We cut back to the point were Aaron and Maggie are near the exit. But alot of walkers are also there. So she orders Aaron to stop. She confronts him that they burned there last picture together (earlier this season) because she wasn't going away. And that she is having his baby. Meanwhile Dianne is taking back the crate to the supply house when she is distracted by noise inside one of the houses. She gets overrun by a walker. But maintain's to kill it. When Rick delivers the last cut to it. It's one of the last Wolves that wasn't anywhere to find after the attack. She clearly confronts Rick that what the community needs is him. Not her. Rick on the other hand tells her that she needs to lead the people of Alexandria (he can't do that, they won't listen / push on). We see Aaron and Maggie on guard, but then Maggie desides to remove Glenn's name from the wall. So at one point she thinks he is dead. And at the other she doesn't believe so ? Aaron helps her with removing Nicholas his name. We see Rick and Jessie getting quite 'real' with each other. The last brief moment we see is a stream of blood when Dianne walks passed the wall. Spencers ? Or from the Walkers ?

So we didn't see anything from Sascha, Abraham or Daryl. Nor did we see a brief moment from Glenn (wishfull thinking). So that will be in the next episode I guess. This time not a reference to the title: Now. Or maybe still, in the phrase that Dianne wrote down on the new planting-map. So the walls will they for sure hold ? What will happen between Rick and Jessie ? Will Maggie still want to go out there looking for Glenn ? Maybe in co-op with Aaron and Carl ? Or Carol even. And that Rick remains on guard with the rest ? It's possible. Or even Maggie, Tara, Aaron and Carl on guard together with Rick. Is Ron for real changing ? Or just a cover-up ? Will Dianne loose her nerve, or will she come out a lot stronger ? At the end of the episode there is a small trailer that I saw for this weeks episode. So that's for sure going to happen next week now. We also see 3 more episodes left in this year. So 3 more weeks Walking Dead, and then it's over. So next week a complete Daryl, Sascha and Abraham episode ? It seems that way. With a lot of Wolves in between ? And will we then see Daryl being captured like we saw in the Season 6 trailer(s) ? Oh and one more question: will we see a strong connection between Tara and Dr. Denise, so that they are head of the pharmacy in Alexandria ? I guess so.