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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 4

So this is the 'Morgan episode' basicly. We see him confronting someone (mentioning the wolf from last season, that wanted every bit of him). And so he does, so we get another Now and Then episode it seems. Back in the past we see him losing his mind bit by bit after Carl, Rick and Michone have visit him in season 3. After that he goes on the road. (After burning the place down). Comes across a couple of walkers. That he wacks with his assault rifle. He starts to pile them up and set them on fire. One walker gets through the flames tough. But he wacks it none the less. The next morning he is using every tree-bit to keep the walkers away from his sleeping spot. Making the bits point-sharp. Like he also did in the town he was making his own. And we see him knock a view more walkers down (even one that is tied with his hands). Later we see a rock near his sleep spot also with the word CLEAR on it, the same as he did with the buildings in season 3. But then on one of his other hunting-walker trips he gets followed by 2 guys. He leads them into a trap and pierces one of them already on a 'stick'. The other one he strangles. Morgan seems to have lost his whole way of live during this period. (Killing every person/walker). And just want to live on his own. He burns another pile of walkers during the night. We see a couple more rocks all covered with text: Pointless Acts and Here's not Here (the name of the episode, already ?). He then comes across a piece that he is triggered with alarm-can's. And he hears an animal. He hears someone ordering him to let the animal alone. And shoots at the guy. We hear they guy asking Morgan to step away from the cabin/animal/etc. But Morgan doesn't respond to it. He gets knocked with a stick (the stick he later appears with in season 5). Somekind of priest or brother is taking him inside. Once awake Morgan asks (orders) him to kill him. But he won't and gives Morgan a peace-book. The man clearly doesn't know what to do with Morgan. When he brings the animal inside he says: You shot at me, I fed you. Please don't kill her.

We / Morgan see the man practicing the stick. And trying to make goat-cheese. Morgan meanwhile just eats and let's the book for what it is. We get to know the name of the man: Lastman. He was a psychic in Atlanta. And did research for the people he was working for. If people were still doing the same after they went to prison/held captive. Morgan replies to his talking that all he did: I CLEAR. People, walkers, everything. So Morgan remains alive. Lastman just doesn't approve. Morgan then (on one of Lastman's trip) starts to tear apart his cell with a small piece of his glove. But Lastman resturns. Lastman tries to reason with Morgan. Talking about people that are not meant to kill others. And that he only came across one real evil person in his line of work. But the rest would recover from the trauma's. Some better then others. He then mentions to Morgan that the cell door is already open, since the beginning. So he is free to go, or crash on the coach and that they both find another way. Morgan get's 'angry' again, and does want to kill him. Lastman does put him down. But Morgan gets loose again, and wants to strangle Lastman. But Lastman gets back on top of him. So Morgan gives up. Morgan gets back in the cell on his own. But Lastman opens the door of the cell again. Lastman wants to make a trip with Morgan but he doesn't know to where. Meanwhile we see a lot of small items that re-occure during season 5 and 6, when we see Morgan meeting the Wolves. When Lastman is wishing him a good night and leaves the room, Morgan comes out of his cell again. In the morning he is back in his cell none the less. Lastman goes on a hunt for stuff while Morgan is still on his own in the cell/finally reading the book. The goat is back outside again. Outside we hear walkers nearing the place. Even nearing the goat. And Morgan just sits tight. But then he gets outside and pushing the walkers back. In the end still killing them. He brings back the goat inside. He 'clears' the walkers again. Away from the cabin, when he comes across a field of burried persons/walkers. Lastman comes along when Morgan is digging holes for the walkers he killed. And thanks him for looking out for the goat. Lastman then clears the walkers from there ID card before Morgan puts them in the hole. Once back Lastman tells him to repair the garden (tomatoes and stuff). That Morgan broke while killing the walkers that tried to attack the goat. He then gives Morgan the staff. Instead of his 'spear'.

We then see somekind of timeskip (as far as I can notice/see). The garden nice and clean. And a lot of 'zen' spots. And Lastman learning Morgan the basic staps of the staff and fighting without killing. (It's the thing Morgan talks about towards Rick in this season). Lastman then talks about the cabin when Morgan asks about it. That he had one patient that he saw right through. The patient let everyone believe he was on the right path, but he wasn't. At one point the patient noticed that Lastman saw through his cover story. The patient did manage to hurt Lastman and got back in prison/but also back out of it after a while. He then killed Lastman's family. The patient just wanted to destroy Lastman's live and surrendered to the police. Lastman then comes to the conclusion that one year later he had the cell complete and wanted to see that patient starf to death in that cell. But in the end he didn't. And Lastman states that: All live is precious (something Morgan says later during season 5 and 6). When they're planning the trip Morgan suddenly tells Lastman he knows where to get the gear he is missing. And leads him back to the sleeping spot he created in the beginning of the episode. Morgan gets a bit mad again, so Lastman lets him meditate/practice with the staff again. The walker that then comes out of the forest in the guy he strangled earlier, it turned. Something snaps in Morgan and doesn't do a thing. Lastman comes in between, but when he wants to save Morgan he gets bit himself. Morgan confronts him, because he already told him not to practice there. And he orders Lastman to tell him 'how it is'. Morgan seems to be back at the point in life where Lastman started to redirect him. But gets Morgan on the floor, even now that he is bitten.

The episode phrase is back again: Here's not Here. Something that Morgan already put on one of the rocks o'course. Morgan does re-make the spears. And is hunting again. He comes across a man and a woman. They put a noodle-can and one gun bullet in front of them. They then leave. Morgan then gets his staff back from the sleeping spot. And gets back to Lastman. One walker already got to his goat, and killed it. Lastman is digging graves (still). Morgan arrives with the walker and goat. Lastman then mentions the patient again. That he did let him starf to death, all of this when Morgan sees the patient name in the grave-yard. It appearently took 47 days. Then the patient was dead. Lastman comes clean: it didn't gave him any piece. And he lost 'it'. Then he came back to life and started to not kill the people. When he came to a police station to turn himself in. He found out the world had ended. (Walkers roaming the place). Lastman tells Morgan he could stay at the cabin. That there is enough for him. He gives him the lucky charm from his daughter. We then see Morgan practice one more time and then leaves the cabin for good. On the way through the grave we see the grave of Lastman. The last shot we then see is Morgan coming across a Terminus sign. (So mid/end of season 4). It looks like the same piece of track/board the group later comes by at the start of season 5. We then cut back to the 'now'. We see him indeed talking to the wolve guy he captured in the last episode. The Wolf confronts him that he knows he is probably going to die. But if not then he is going to kill every other person. Morgan decides to let him live and leaves the prison home from Alexandria again. We then hear Rick (?) shouting, 'open the gate'.

It seems that I was wrong a bit. This was a total Morgan Flash back thing. Too bad we didn't see him follow the path after Terminus. But I guess that was kind of boring. But another 15 minutes. Wouldn't be bad, because it's already a flash back. Some of you might not like these kind of episodes. But I like them just as much as the walker-killing episodes. And the Rick discussing things episodes. What will next week be ? A regular episode-length again, that is certain. The teaser shows Daryl, Abraham and Sascha. It looks like he has a bag full of stuff, but what ? In the other trailer we see Michone confronting Maggie that Glenn isn't with them. We see Dianne on top of the wall. And also hearing Rick (?) yelling: open the gate.