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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3

This week we catch up back to the point that the herde-group is getting back to Alexandria except from: Daryl, Sascha and Abraham. They are trying/ordered to lead the rest of herde as far away as possible. Besides Rick, Glenn and Michone there are a couple of people from the Safe Zone, including Heath. Some of them wonder (again) if they should thrust Rick. In there eyes, he killed Carter. And they are not sure if they will make it. When Rick is offering to get back to the RV to push the rest of the herde back in that way we hear him talking to Michone and Glenn that they should continue to Safe Zone with the rest. But if the rest can't keep up, let them be. Heath seems to have heard this while standing behind a tree. Meanwhile in a moment of weakness one of the Safe Zone people got bitten by a walker. Once they made sure he can't turn. Rick goes for all the knifes and stuff. The horn meanwhile stopped. That's because Morgan is on the scene (episode 2). The rest of the Safe Zone people are looking at Rick with a weird look. On the way back Glenn and Michone are getting close to walkers and take them on. The rest is ordered to stay back for a while. Most of them have guns as there only defense. But some don't take the advise and do get mixed in the fight. With some of them, that don't make it. The weird look is still among them. And you can sense that Heath does have heared Rick talking to Michone and Glenn. While actually they are still trying to get everyone back to the Safe Zone. They let the two people that got bit with them for a while. Meanwhile Daryl is leaving Sascha and Abraham alone to get back to Alexandria/to help. You see him thinking about the whole process and thinking about what the Safe Zone is to him. Sascha and Abraham are now the only people who are pulling away the main herde. Once in a small town Heath, Nicholas, Glenn and Michone are looking for stuff they can use for there way back. Heath mentions something to Nicholas. That he was here a while back. And that the group he was with (for hunting/collecting stuff) was not afraid but he and someone else was. They don't find one thing usefull in that town. So they go on, with Nicholas leading the way. When they go through an alley they find the hat of a young buy that was with them until Rick split up. He has been caught by walkers. And already dead. They go inside a pets store. Because more and more walkers are surrounding them. Heath is quite a critic when it comes to Michone leading the walkers away and getting everyone to the Safe Zone. While she does mean it good with them. Glenn has a plan that does needs the help of Nicholas, fire the last flare from one of the buildings. Heath looks odd towards Nicholas suggesting the whole thing of how to get to the building. And the way he describes it to Glenn. Something he is not telling ? Glenn meanwhile radio's Rick in to the plan. Rick is facing 3 walkers. One with a machette in his body that is cutting one hand from Rick. Glenn is quoting an old phrase he used against Rick in Season 1: good luck dumb ass. (How do I still remember that after all of the episodes I wonder, well Glenn is memorable).

Heath meanwhile patches up Scott (and Annie). But they order Heath to let them in the pets store. And go, Michone does hear this but let them discuss it. But then Heath does remind Michone somehow of the fact that Safe Zone people don't leave anyone behind. It is not what they are / do. (Well we have seen different from Nicholas and the gang. Michone states that they won't leave someone behind. Michone does confront Heath. And giving him a real good lecture about what it is outside the walls. Out in the open. Heath does reply he knows how it is. But the more Michone confronts him, the more he realizes that he doesn't know. Even after hearing what Rick as said (so he confesses to Michone). Glenn and Nicholas are on the way to the roof of the building Nicholas mentioned before. And they do hear gun shots far away (if I remember correctly that is Carol shooting down some Wolves). Rick has gotten to the RV. Where they lead the walkers throught the intersection. His hand is still messed up. One of the Safe Zone people is writing a good-bye note to his wife. But Michone confronts him that he is going to get home. (So give it to her your self, in a way). They suddenly hear some walker inside the storage unit. The noise drags back most of the walkers. Once Michone looks out of the window she sees a lot of walkers coming towards the pets store. They make a run for it. In the process Annie is offering her self. As she is the slowest of the pack. And already falling down. A lot of walkers is meanwhile also closing in on Glenn and Nicholas. As they see the building they were heading to burned down to the ground. They go in to an alley but that is already blocked by a fence with walkers behind it. And more walkers coming on to them. On the other side of town the Michone, Heath part is also getting over a fence but one of them gets pulled down by walkers. (The one that has a note for his wife). Nicholas and Glenn get on top of a dumpster but Nicholas brain collapses under the pressure and does panic. Glenn turns him around and Nicholas can only say thank you. In the fall down from the dumpster Glenn is pulled with him. Getting eaten by walkers. It's a gutsy scene. And does grab the emotion a bit. (Glenn was a good character. Fucking Nicholas screwed up again. Thankfully he can't put someone else in danger anymore as he is gone now).

We skip back to Heath, Michone and Scott. On there way to the Safe Zone. They need to get through a lake. Meanwhile Michone realises that she didn't see a flare. Rick has driven to the place where Glenn said they would go. Rick doesn't hears back from Glenn, only static noise. Tobin and Daryl are also out of reach or not responding. Then Daryl responds. Rick responds back with that they have to lead the herde further out. That way they can help the Safe Zone. If they wouldn't then it would mean they are doing it for them selves. One of the Wolves that took a gun from episode 2 has catched up with RV of Rick. Daryl hears it. Rick shoots both of the Wolves in the end. (And that while Daryl doesn't get a response from him). Rick finds babyfood on one of the Wolves. He then sees more Wolves coming on to the RV. Shooting right through the RV walls. Heath, Michone and Scott are back at the Safe Zone. Where they see the watch tower has been burned down. And all the devastation left by the Wolves. Daryl catches back up with Abraham and Sascha. A lot of herde is still following them. Rick meanwhile doesn't get the RV back running (the engine is failing). A lot of walkers are getting to the RV (the herde that got of track in episode 1). It is how the episode ends... (Get on top of the RV Rick).

All of this does mean that it confirms my thoughts about this whole thing. Leading the herde away. In comparison to the comics the herde is not going through Alexandria. But as we have seen now. Is being diverted by the group (some of them). So what will mean this to the rest of the season. Glenn is now dead, so no more stuff from him. Michone is quite beaten up (in her state of mind), just like Heath. Who realises now that he has been on the spot / mind-flow that Michone lectured him about. Will Rick make it back, I guess he will. But he will loose it I guess. Maybe he will do a season 1 / season 5 Carol thing. Covered in guts. And trying to escape in that way... It seems for now that next weeks episode will be a total flashback from Morgan. But I hope they have some spots in there from Alexandria. It would be better to keep the season 'flowing'. Further more there is one or two more scenes that we didn't see yet (from the season trailer). That Daryl is captured by some folks. Will this happen while he goes back for Rick. Or while he is still with Sascha and Abraham ?