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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2

So last episode left us / our group wandering were the horn came from. This episode we start with Enid back with her parents, before all of this. Her parents are looking for a fuse to start the car but the walkers are coming near. The next shot is that she is in the car with blood spatters against the window. And her parents outside of the car with walkers all over them. The shot after that we see her wandering the roads all covered in blood. Walking through the rain. But she is coming across walkers, who we don't see. She takes cover behind a sign and draws JSS on the ground. The title of the episode (last episode we also had the title quite early on). We see her back on the road. She sees a walker on the ground but still 'alive'. She stabs it in the head and takes his jacket. And gets in the car. She draws another JSS on the side-window of the car. Then a nasty bit once on the road she kills a turtle and eats it. With the bones she leaves along side the road she creates JSS again... We then see her finally getting near Alexandria Safe Zone. She hears the sound of happy people inside the walls. She is on the point of turning around. Make the JSS in her hand again with her hands dirty. And does go through the gate.

We then see the Safe Zone as it was/is during Rick and the others leading away the walkers. And see Carol in the supply room talking to the rest of the house-woman. Being her possom-self. Sam is on her doorstep, when Carol tells/orders him to move on. His dad was terrible and he had to die... Not a smart thing to say. Jessie meanwhile orders Ron downstairs and they have an arguement about the whole thing that is going on after his dad/her husband died. When Ron asks his mother if Rick is a friend of her, she replies yes. Outside in some grass-gardens Maggie want to teach Dianne what it is like to plant fruit and stuff. And besides the garden she also wants Dianne to know that people are there because of her and Reg. Not only because of Reg. Maggie says that she needs to show it to the rest of her community. In the 'hospital' Denise has taken over from Pete (more like the comics) and hears Eugene and Tara talking, coming for pills. Denise is actually a psychic and not a medic-doctor. But she and Tara think she can do it. Eugene just won't shut up that Denise might me non-functioning as a doctor. Meanwhile Carl and Judith are having a walk. He sees Ron together with Enid. When he tries to turn around Gabriel is standing behind him. And wants to confess to him about what he said earlier on about the group towards Dianne. Carl replies that he should confess to everyone but that he will teach the machette first to Gabriel (something he already started back at the church in Season 5 o'course). He looks again at Enid and Ron. (I guess that's why we see her back story in the beginning so we can know that Enid and Ron have know a similair background. (Parents who died).

Carol meanwhile is cooking her 'stuff' and sees one of the other ladies smoking outside. But suddenly gets attacked and screams. At the fences one of the people gets attacked with molotovs. It looks like they are not the Wolves but some kind of junkies/gang. Carol goes outside. Carl is staying with Judith, also armed (Carl, not Judith). Jessie want to go look for Ron but it's already to late and someone is inside the house. So she takes Sam and goes to one of the closets in the house. Enid gets in the house of Carl, but Carl didn't expect it, so he aims the gun. Enid doesn't want to stay but Carl doesn't let her leave as well. He doesn't want to hear a goodbye from Enid and he lets her know that if they came inside the walls they are going to die as well. Many people meanwhile are getting stabbed and killed. It still doesn't seem like these are the Wolves who are doing this. Some people are chained, some are getting stabbed while they are already dead. And some of the people do put a 'W' on his forhead. Carol gets one of the gang-members in the head. But one of the house-wifes is already stabbed. Carol does end her life, so he doesn't suffer that much. One of the Wolves trucks are ramming the watch-tower. Spencer gets stuck inside, who is a horrible shooter. And the trucks horn keeps on going. And that is what we / the group hears at the end of episode 1 !

Spencer finally gets out of the tower. And gets to the truck but hesitates how to stab the walker. Morgan is on the scene thankfully, as Holly is carried to the 'hospital' (the horn doesn't make a sound anymore, but it did already attract the walkers o'course). With Aaron, Rosita and Tara are going to help others in need. Morgan needs Spencer with him on the inside, but Spencer is afraid. So Morgan gets in and comes across one Wolf. Carol comes 'hiden in sheep clothing' and stabs the Wolf down. Carol forces Morgan to help her. He tells her that she doesn't need to kill. But what other options do they have. Carol hears from Morgan that the walkers are already transported over the road. Maggie and Dianne are coming across Spencer. And Maggies leaves her with her Spencer. Meanwhile Denise is failing to help Holly. Tara doesn't give a shit and want her to try at least. Eugene helps in his way, to confess to Denise that about what is to be like a coward. Denise gets it, and pulls her self together. Ron is still outside and runs away from a Wolf, the Wolf gets shot just in time by Carl. When Carl comes near the Wolf he backs to don't shoot him, but it's a trick. In a reflex Carl does shoot the Wolf. Ron freaks out and doesn't want to get inside and just runs, to his house were his mom and Sam are still in the closet. When Ron enters the house we hear the Wolf running away. Jessie goes looking for Ron. She is grabbed in the back by a she-Wolf when she shouts at Ron to stay outside. She gets smashed to the kitchen cabinets. But has enough strength to get back up. And stabs with a scissor. Ron does enter, and sees her mom stabbing. Carol meanwhile has Morgan on a leash as captive-like but Morgan does go and help others, in fact he saves Gabriel. Carol meanwhile shoots Wolves but does have one more running after her. But Carol makes it to the armory. Carol finds Olivia in the closet. Carol gives her a gun and the order to barricade the door. While she grabs some guns. Morgan is cuffing a Wolf meanwhile as Gabriel is asking him how to fight, etc. When the Wolf is about to say something about somekind of trap Carol shoots him and handing over guns to Morgan and Gabriel. But Morgan gives the gun to Gabriel. Maggie meets Carol on that point. Rosita and Aaron meanwhile are shooting some more Wolves. Morgan runs in a different direction and comes across a couple of other Wolves. Who seem to know him. They try to attack him but he knocks him out with his staff. Morgan goes after them when they run away. One of them grabs a gun from a dead body.

It's quite odd to see Carol wanting to smoke and also gets emotional about Sam who left her the letter A on her doorstep. Aaron meanwhile finds a couple of dead Wolves and stabs them. But he also finds his bag with pictures of the Safe Zone in there. The bag (that if I'm right) he lost at the end of Season 5. So the Wolves knew what they were up against. Meanwhile Denise didn't make it to rescue Holly. Outside Spencer asks Rosita how she can live like that. And Maggie kills the man who was on the walls and got molotovs thrown at him. (He still did turn in to a walker). Carl looks for Enid but finds a note: "just survive somehow". (so that is were JSS stands for). The kitchen alarm goes and Carl grabs the plate out of the oven (good house-man). Morgan knocks down the rest of the remaining (walker-) body's. And does find the Wolf that he came across in Season 5. They get into a fight. And the Wolf did mention something to Morgan. That Morgan isn't able to kill (unless absolutely necessary). But does knock him down and slabs the stick in his face. We see Carol and Morgan facing each other on the streets again. Walking right past each other. Is Morgan leaving ? Or does he goes back to Rick outside the walls ?

It is were the episode ends. Will we see the walkers still coming towards the Safe Zone. Will they have enough weapons for it ? Do the Wolves come back for the Safe Zone ? Or are they beaten ? Where did Enid go, and goes Carl after her ? Many questions left open. Ron and Enid finally together outside the walls perhaps under 'there' code: JSS ?? Oh well we will see some fragments from the comics I guess.