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TV | The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1

So last season gave us a nice cliffhanger. Not a huge one. Just a solid one. Morgan back with Rick / his group. And o'course Pete cutting Reg at his throat. And Rick killing Pete when Dianne tells him to. So this episode start with a time skip we see Morgan, Rick, Abraham, Michone, Glenn, Nicholas and others (new face: Heath) at a stone-pit-mine (if you call it that), full of walkers. They have a plan to kill all the walkers before they come to Alexandria Safe Zone. But before they can make the whole plan clear to the new faces one of the trailers falls of a cliff. And walkers start walking out of the pit. So they have to make the plan count now/instead of later.

Then we see a cut back from the moment after last season ending. Dianne tells Gabriel that he was wrong about Rick (/the others). Jessie and her boys are ripped open by the death of Pete offcourse. While Abraham brings Reg to his resting place. Glenn and Nicholas reach the 'hospital' of Alexandria and see Tara awake. Eugene stumbles in and Tara is a bit spooked by it, and calls for Noah (who is not there anymore o'course, which she doesn't know yet). We see Enid and Carl getting together on an outpost were she holds his hands. And one of the other boys see this (jealous, can't see who tough). Morgan, Rick and Daryl have 'dinner' ?! Morgan tells Rick: You were right, it wasn't over. Rick replies they should talk more tomorrow (as Reg/Pete just happened). He tells Morgan he doesn't take changes anymore, Morgan replies: and you should(n't ?). We then cut back to now ? (Like the fact they made the past black/white screen).

We see the whole 'team' lead the walkers away from the pit through a walking line with cars on each side. And we here Rick explaining the plan. We saw a quick 'past' when Daryl talks to Rick about Morgan and about Dianne. Rick thinks they shouldn't look/take in people from the outside anymore / and they need more watch points. Morgan is detained for a moment. Just as a protocol standard. As were everybody sits on mind-level. We see Eugene meeting Heath for the first time. As it seems that Heath was outside the walls for a couple of weeks with a couple of people (Scott and Annie). Heath wonders why Dianne put Eugene on the gate. Eugene replies it wasn't his duty but Holly ran from hers. Heath asks if anything has changed. Eugene just points him in the direction of Dianne. Morgan and Rick talk a bit more and then see Tobin and Gabriel digging holes for Reg and Pete. Rick refers to Pete as a killer and he has no place inside the walls. Dianne comes in between the both and agrees with Rick to leave Pete outside. One of Pete sons hears that as he is ear-dropping on them... We cut back to the action were Abraham and Sascha are on there 'point'. And Rick, Michone and Morgen are on there 'point'. Glenn is almost there. Morgan then asks Michone is she took one of his protine bars back when they met in season 3/4 (don't remember which one). She replies no. And basicly makes fun of it. When we cut back to the past we see Morgan an Rick discovering the stone-pit when they dig a hole for Pete. (At least Morgan does, Rick doesn't feel like it). The boy of Pete followed the both and is in trouble. Rick saves him before he rans of the cliff. In the present Daryl leads the walkers on the road to the next 'point'. It's a real horde... They sure have gone all out with the first episode of this season... Once Daryl is on 'point' he finds Sascha and Abraham stationary. And they go on from there. We cut back to the past once more (altough I think) and Rick gets it now. Why the Alexandria Safe Zone is still there. Because the walkers are in the pit. And couldn't get close/as Dianne said they don't go west (this is why ?). Rick decides on the way back that he should digg a hole for Pete, so Morgan helps him.

Meanwhile Glenn, Nicholas and Heath are at a store that might distract the herde to the store because of the walkers inside. Nicholas makes it clear to Heath that Glenn does know what he is doing unlike Aiden and he. He has been doing a good job during supply runs. We catch back to the past: Rick and every citizen of the Safe Zone. They do the plan with the pit as Rick tells them. Dianne makes it clear. Glenn puts Maggie at the camp so she can talk Dianne back to 'life' they need her here Glenn says. (They are afraid). There is a little word-fight because Rick is on lead for this but then more and more accept the risk/job. Glenn stares at Nicholas who wants to join. Glenn doesn't want that. But he does. Carter is the one who disagrees with the plan and he tries to get Rick and the rest of it. But he is even brough onboard so he can fortify the barriers Rick puts at certain crossings with cars. They have to have walls so they can't slip through. Furthermore Morgan tells him he already did the impossible when he helped building the walls around the zone with Reg. We even see in the present that some of the walkers smash there heads into the wall he build. As it looks like it will barely hold. We then see the store were Glenn is getting wrong. (Because the door is closed, they have to go through the windows). Glenn orders Nicholas to hit back. In the 'past' we see Tara getting to know Nicholas who got Noah killed last season. Maggie tells her that he even lured Glenn in to the woods and tried to kill Glenn. During the present we see the store getting terminated. Even with help of Nicholas. Abraham senses that there is a split in the herde and brings it back to the road on his own... Abraham describes the killing of Reg and Pete to Sascha as she was with Maggie in the church of Gabriel. Back in the 'past' during the construction of the crossing-wall they see walkers approaching. While Rick tells Dianne that people should be trained and armed inside the wall as well. Just in case, they have to be prepared. Morgan does kicks in to help Carter even when Rick tells him not to. Then we see Eugene taking supplies and hearing others (including Carter) of the Safe Zone talk about the fact they should stop a.k.a. kill Rick before he stops/kills them. But Eugene is caught when he hears it. Rick stumbles in while Carter has a gun pointed at Eugene who is on the ground. The rest of the Safe Zone people point at Carter when he talks about taking the place back from Rick. Rick replies they should have put a look-out outside the supply-room. Carter then breaks and wants Rick to kill him. But he is not going to do so. (It's amazing how they capture this perfect in black and white TV-piece. With Morgan giving the eye to Rick).

... 14 minutes left of this episode... As the group decides to go and take care of the stream of walkers going down the road. Carter heads on point but gets grabbed by a walker in the process of un-awareness to the surrounding. His screaming draws more walkers into the woods instead of the road. Morgan in the 'past' meets Little-Ass-Kicker :D and tells Rick that he is still the same to him then when Morgan first met him. So even the supply-room, that is you Rick. Rick confesses he did want to kill Carter. That the risks shouldn't be alive. But that it hits him and that he didn't want to do it. Then back in the present Rick gets to Carter and orders him quiet but he doesn't (as he is still in pain/shock). So Rick cuts him in the back of the head. Morgan has catched up and standing behind him. Meanwhile the gunfire works and bringing the walkers back on the road. Michone gets to Rick and Morgan and sees Carter. Jessie and Rick are in the supply room in the 'past' talking about Ron (one of the sons from Pete and her). And that Rick can't grab or talk to Ron like he did at the pit. Ron just doesn't need to hear that from Rick. And she will teach her sons how to defend them selfs. Rick doesn't need to... Then we cut to the plan (also during the 'past') and Abraham asks Sascha if she took the job of leading the walkers away another 20 miles after the last 'point' because she wants to die. Sascha replies negative on that. (So she wants to stay alive). Glenn confronts Nicholas that he doesn't want him there (but in the end he does, as we know from later in the 'past'). And that he can make it right when Glenn sees he is ready. In the present the group suddenly hears a horn of some kind. Which pulls every walker of the road again. Michone and Rick thinks it's coming from the Safe Zone. As we see a confirmation on a sign wih Alexandria / new homes in building phase (back in the good old days appearently).

So the black and white parts are good but can be more after each other in my view of things. Morgan looks like he agrees with Rick. But sometimes he isn't at first, but on the second point of thought he then suddenly is. And understands were Rick is getting at. The plan seems to work fine. But that horn... Is it from the Wolves ? I have a feeling it might be. Because no one in the Safe Zone itself would risk it... There are a lot of small parts from the season trailer we already saw. But also a fair amount we didn't saw yet. Curious about the next episode for sure. Meanwhile you might find it interesting that is a mini-series during the break of last week / next week. Who is covering a part between this series and Fear the Walking dead. Flight 462. Which is actually a couple of minutes and is a 5 part (for now) mini-series.